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  1. djw171

    Replacement for LP Tribute + ?

    So with the new 2020 line up, all which I think look great and is the right move for Gibson. (Also the one's I have played so far have all been really good), I was wondering what will be the replacement for the Tribute + series which seemed to be pretty much top of the line up. Given that those...
  2. djw171

    New PRS Custom 22

    Not posted on here for a while. I've been looking at PRS guitars for a while. The Customs 22 and 24's are hard to find where I live. Local store had a list of guitars in stock at the factory. They had one Custom 22 in Purple Mist with Ebony fingerboard. The wait time for a Custom 22 is 12...
  3. djw171

    Another Slash LP....

    Limited to 150
  4. djw171

    Epiphone Summer Namm 2018 - Slash Firebird

    Looks like there is a new Slash Sig model Firebird on they way. It the quality is as good as the Bonamassa it should be really nice. Only a quick glimpse here on this video. Looks like bound neck. Maybe SD pickups like the Gibson version had? Hopefully some better info to come soon...
  5. djw171

    2018 Les Paul Special Double Cut

    I think Gibson are showing some good decisions for the 2018 range :-)
  6. djw171

    2018 Gibsons Website

    Gibson have updated their site for the 2018's.... I had not noticed prior (assuming their stated spec is correct) that the 2018 Tribute in non-weight relieved, where are the 2017 version has 9 hole relief.
  7. djw171

    NGD: Joe Bonamassa Firebird

    Picked it up Monday. I did post it in thread about the JB, but figured I better make it official..... Well it arrived! Finally! Been what 6 months (ish). The Gold has been in Canada for a while but it's took this long for the sunburst to get here. It was worth the wait! it is a 2017 model...
  8. djw171

    Namm 2017 - Epiphone Booth & Dr. Epiphone
  9. djw171

    2017 Pricing

    Although we don't seem to have too much of a price hike (not like the 2015 shock) the lower end pricing does not seem to make much sense: LP Faded T - $799 Tribute T - $899 Custom Studio/S - $799?? The Studio S has less wood on the headstock, two less controls, cheaper electronics, different...
  10. djw171

    NGD: 2002 Les Paul Standard

    Picked this up used. Mint condition. Needs a polish and oil to the fretboard which I shall do this week. Not sure of the colour name exactly, very nice looking though. Taken a pic with and without pickguard. Came with SD 59 & JB fitted and original pickups included in a Gator case.
  11. djw171

    Joe Perry Returns

    I had a 2004 Joe Perry Boneyard which I sold for reasons I cannot remember. Ever since I did it was one of those "why did I sell that.." Anyway I've looked around every so often in local classified ads but they never seem to come up for sale. Until two weeks ago, the same guitar was posted. The...
  12. djw171

    High Performance Range?

    What happened to the HP 2016 range of Gibson electrics? Anyone else notice that they have gone from Gibson's website? I never saw one in a store. My local store wouldn't stock, special order only after the 2015 issues. Is this the end of GForce?
  13. djw171

    NGD: 2015 Firebird V

    NOS. Wanted a firebird for a long time. Was thinking about the 2016 but not keen it only comes with a soft case. They have also moved the output socket back onto the front on the 2016's, I prefer it on the side. The wider neck does not bother me at all. Sounds killer.
  14. djw171

    2016 Traditional Plain Top

    Just glancing through Sweetwater's site and came across these. Listed as a new item. Plain top, non-weight relieved, $300 less that the regular 2016 Trad 'T'. Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plaintop, Non-Weight Relieved - Light Burst |
  15. djw171

    Les Paul Swamp Ash 2016

    They made these a few years back. I quite like the finish. Nice to see Gibson adding some decent priced alternatives. The SG Naked is not bad looking either. 24 frets on that also like the SGJ had. Les Paul Studio Swamp Ash SG Naked
  16. djw171

    New Lespauls..Mahogany & Redwood tops

    I have to say I quite like the Mahogany.. Les Paul Standard Mahogany Top Les Paul Redwood
  17. djw171

    New Epid at Namm 2016?

    Yet to see videos posted on Youtube of the Epiphone stand..and no Will Jones (Dr. Epiphone) this year???
  18. djw171

    2015 Gibson J185 Red Spruce

    Limited run of only 75 pieces from the Montana custom shop. Mint condition. Like new. One of the most fabled Gibson's of all time, this August 2015 Limited Edition J-185 has Adirondack red spruce top and gorgeous big leaf maple back and sides. Only 75 examples of this beautifully...
  19. djw171

    2013 Slash Rosso Corsa Les Paul

    Mint condition, hardly played. All stock, All case candy. Includes the Gibson case with Slash screen printed logo. Located in Southern Ontario. Pick up only or will meet within reasonable distance. No Paypal. Cash only. $2300
  20. djw171

    2013 Traditional 'upgrades'

    So I bought a used Traditional a few months back from my local store in excellent condition, other than when they initial got it in the headstock had snapped clean off. The repair was carried out by Gibson and they re-finished the back of the neck. I posted a NGD at the time. The first owner...

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