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  1. jcsk8

    Dry-Z content.

    Hope is not a repost.
  2. jcsk8

    What´s the luthiers approach into vintage collapsed bridges?

    I saw that is a problem with almost all vintage ABR-1 style bridges. Owners let it that way, try to fix or just change them? Does the top wrap thing really prevent them against bending again? I have no vintage guitar, but I have two LP with abr-1 and since I started reading about this subject I...
  3. jcsk8

    Question about 3 pickup Les Pauls.

    Usually the middle pickup it´s a "bridge" or a "neck one", regarding the output? I know that usually paf´s are made to turns, not to output, but in the end they usually placed the hotter in the bridge and the other in the neck position, but how about the middle ones? The other question is it...
  4. jcsk8

    One of the most beautiful goldtops I´ve seen.

    Hope no one has posted yet, just saw it now. Clean and gorgeous. Look at that fretboard:
  5. jcsk8

    3 humbucker wiring

    This modern three volume one tone mod does the same kind of out of phase middle pickup as the vintage customs give? I have a two pickup wired the vintage 50´s way. I want to add a center pickup and both ways, vintage or this...
  6. jcsk8

    Raw nickel pickuo covers

    Do raw nickel (non plated) need to be polished regularly, or they retain shine as a nickel plated one?
  7. jcsk8

    Please, is that silicon on the bobbins?

    I´ve thinked once to place something to protect the open parts of a coil to protect it from moisture. Than I´m looking at this video, and at 1:00 to 1:04 there is something between te coils and in the suare holes, that looks like silicon. Is that what I´m thinking? Someone did that before?
  8. jcsk8

    Where´s the Howard Leese burst?

    Howard´s Leese 1960 burst has one of my favourites bursts tone. On the edge of microphonics, bity, spanky sounding. The only two videos and info I´ve ever had of it are those two from Fretted Americana. Any clue where it sits now?
  9. jcsk8

    Dimarzio 59 Pickup opinions

    Haven´t found any recent thread regarding them. No love for those? I didn´t know that they are unpotted, and as far as I know the obly unpotted pickup from Dimarzio. How they compare against the other famous paf clones?
  10. jcsk8

    Wolfetone´s swap and covers off.

    I had the opportunity to grab a double cream Dr. Vintage localy for a great price. Unfortunatly it was just the bridge one. I always liked the covers on look, but recently I also started to like double whites and also double white \ zebra neck. So I deceided to give a try. Swapped the bridge...
  11. jcsk8

    Third centered pickup and playability.

    I have a two pickup custom LP and just grabbed a spare Dr. Vintage pickup around for cheap. I´m thinking in route a center cavity and install that pup (among other Dr. V´s already in there) but I have a concern about playability. I have a Nashville type tele that I ended lowering the center...
  12. jcsk8

    Jensen Ch12/70

    I´m after a good speaker for my classic 30. Many say that the original Peavey speaker is not that good and I want to try out something new. I always liked the greeback tones, but can´t afford them. I saw a Jensen Ch12/70 for a steal price, but found no info on them at classic 30´s. Also there...
  13. jcsk8

    Grolsch Type Strap Locks - Be Careful

    I was trowing some riffs around wirh my LP and just saw those miserably faling. I was really sorry that my guitar didn´t performerd a neck dive. Just saw this while playing: At first tought I´ve installed it wrong. But not. It just pops if you´re moving the guitar a bit. I´m going back to...
  14. jcsk8

    Guns Rig Rundown

    Interesting stuff as his tech says he broke a neck with his neck bends. Never tought that was even possible. (teaser) (full) 1+ hour
  15. jcsk8

    Different guitars and strap heights.

    Did you guys use the same height for every guitar or different heights for each guitar? I like my semi hollow a little higher, but can´t play with LP´s the same height. Maybe the thicker body,I don´t know. How about your toughts?
  16. jcsk8

    Gibson Memphis Factory Tour 2016

    If this is a repost, sorry. Just let me know. Just found accidentally on Youtube and the search here didin´t gave me any results. So if it´s new, enjoy:
  17. jcsk8

    Central lab pots

    Just saw three vintage Centralab 500k C2 pots on reverb. One reads 553, second 582 and third a 629 reading. Would those higher values open humbucker sound even more? Most regular CTS and Alphas reads a little bellow and a little above 500k range. Heard about CTS 550´s, but never tried or...
  18. jcsk8

    Magnets position

    I´m about to change the magnets on a pair of humbuckers. They came with to pen marks on one side of each magnet. They should be place on the same side of each pickup? I don´t want a out of phase middle position. I noticed also, with to pairs of humbuckers I have, that when I put them cover to...

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