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  1. RichTurner

    2006 58 Reissue

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 2006 58 Reissue. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. RichTurner

    A belated GibSunday to you all

    my 3 favorite (well maybe) reissues. L-R. 2006 R8 Historic, 2007 R8 Historic TV Special and 2016 M2M R8 Kentucky Bourbon Burst. And yes, they are lefties, so no wise cracks please :) 3 Amigos by downunder_lefty, on Flickr
  3. RichTurner

    Ideas, suggestions, thoughts.

    Hi guys, I am looking into the possibilities of getting a guitar refinished and I am looking for any thoughts, advice etc. The guitar is a 2006 Gibson Les Paul DC Junior. It's a washed out sort of TV yellow with a bit of green thrown in it seems. The guitar is a lefty and is pretty rare by...
  4. RichTurner


    Hi all. As noted from my last post re image hosts, I have opted to go with Imgur. It seems pretty straight forward once I had worked out how to add additional pics to published folders. So to test it's ease I though I would post my 2011 R6' here. I had asked about specs a little while back...
  5. RichTurner

    Image Hosts

    Hi gals n guys, I hope your all having a wonderful Gibsunday. I have no doubt this has been covered but I cannot find anything after searching so I am going to ask. What Photo hosting sites do you use? I have Photobucket though I am a scrooge so I don;t want to pay the upgade and I suspect...
  6. RichTurner

    Historic Les Paul DC 58'

    Hi all, just picked up this TV Model DC Les Paul. It's a 2007 model. I know there are not a lot of these around and it got me to thinking, is there a production book or list that details the number of each style of guitar Gibson made each year? I was just wondering how many of these there are...
  7. RichTurner

    2011 R6 Specs

    Hi all, I am looking for some accurate R6 specs for 2011. I have one I may be buying. I have been looking about and can find 2009 changes and I suspect/hope they continued through to 2011 before Gibson made some changes in 2012? I wanted to be sure they have the 1 piece fingerboard, they were...
  8. RichTurner

    1979 Deluxe

    Hi all, just thought I would post this here. It's has a few mods but it plays like a dream. It's in excellent condition to boot. I still have all the original parts should I need to put it back as it was (save the nut and frets of course :)) but I just love it like this. 1979 Gibson Les Paul...
  9. RichTurner


    Hi all, I am looking for a good classic tremolo. I was thinking of a Flux Effects Liquid Tremolo to match my reverb however I might just want a simple classic old school one. I keenly await your suggestions :) Cheers Rich
  10. RichTurner


    Hi all, Rich here. I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I am a 56 yo Aussie who decided last year (not so long ago lol) to quit full time work, make a huge sea change, become a bee keeper and play guitar a lot more. I am a lefty so my choice for vintage stuff is very limited as I just love Les...

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