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  1. zamdrang

    Let’s talk “good wood era”

    "Seen "Sellers" use the term". Exactly. That's the first clue it's mostly bullshit marketing and smoke and mirrors. Anyone talking absolutes when it comes to a material like wood.. I mean come on.
  2. zamdrang

    Norlin Prices Climbing, How Far Will It Go?

    I paid around 2K for my stock 83 Custom around 2007 or so. As a player it gives me every bit of enjoyment as my 2012 R9 with Jim Wagner pups that I lucked into for 3k, I'd say overall I like it more. It just has stuff going on the R9 never will. And I really dig my R9. I've never put any...
  3. zamdrang

    Big vs Huge?

    It goes from one to the other when your hand tells you so.
  4. zamdrang

    R9 saga on The Gear Page.

    I saw that post, a novice to guitars could tell its a fake by the logo alone. Tells you all you need to know about the "experts" at Gruhn.
  5. zamdrang

    The historic neck tenon has been wrong all along?

    And they will of course sound far superior
  6. zamdrang

    I think Les Paul pancake body's are underrated for metal genre.

    Idk if it has anything to do with pancake construction, I've always found Customs to be better metal machines than Standards
  7. zamdrang

    Looking for Advice/Thoughts Regarding Tim Shaw Pickup Output

    This isn't much of a solution more of food for thought since you mention wanting to keep it stock. Leave it alone and get to know it. When I got my 83 Custom I noticed the same issue, and as others mention I found it weak compared to my other guitars. I came very close to swapping pups but...
  8. zamdrang

    Five figures for a guitar...

    This goes way beyond guitars, look what people pay for 70s and 80s cars now. Which let's be frank were pretty much shit as far as quality goes. People will like what they like.
  9. zamdrang

    Huge decision to make and need some help.

    I'm just like you with indecision. Skipping the greater implications of this "trait" (as someone who's lived with it for 50 years it most certainly has gotten in the way of enjoying life in many ways). These are things.. Keep that in mind, it's just really not that important one way or the...
  10. zamdrang

    Hung By The Neck Until Dead

    Mine live in the case 99% of the time. At times when I get in the mood they accumulate around the room for a day or two, but I've never hung them. Always lived in a dry climate, the case seems like common sense and I dig opening it each time, the sight, the smell.. I've been doing this so...
  11. zamdrang

    Purchase or Pass?

    You're still still into a very cool guitar for less than a 1k. I'd keep it
  12. zamdrang

    Gibson's First Authorized Boutique Builder

    "Boutique Builder" right up there with "Private Reserve" Just what the guitar world needs, more pretentiousness
  13. zamdrang

    One of those "help me decide" threads...

    Both beautiful.. But that's secondary to tone. If it were me I'd buy both and keep the one that sounds best.
  14. zamdrang

    What do you play on your les?

    OP interesting topic.. Been cool if it would have stayed there. I totally get what your saying. I am a metal head mostly too but that's not what comes out when I play my LPs. Yes it's cool to play different stuff on different guitars... I love metal riffs on my Gretsch for example... but...
  15. zamdrang

    Conversation with friend at Gibson USA

    Maybe there's hope, but my 40 years of guitar playing tells me Gibson needs to focus on QC, not prototypes and the break room.
  16. zamdrang

    Does the back grain pattern have any affect on resonance, sustain, sound quality, etc?

    Overthinking it imo, beautiful guitar. May sound good, may not, looking at it is never going to answer that question
  17. zamdrang

    Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959 QC Issue

    I feel for you, I would feel the same way if I'd spent that kind of coin and not noticed it at the store. At that price it's ridiculous imo. I think Gibson QC blows and always has. That being said, it is a piece of wood and hand made, if it plays well, you like it and dig it's vibe.. then...
  18. zamdrang

    I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fake distress and a back that looks like replica of Gorbachev's birthmark. What's not to like.

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