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  1. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    That's a sweet replica Damian. I ay well do a video but I'm not sure how many secrets I should give away. You never know who'll be watching.
  2. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Hi Mike. Hope you enjoy that guitar of his. Only wish I was making my own pickups when I played for Don. Well, you know where I am when you're ready Mike.
  3. Nugget

    Why sandblasting?

    I would suggest that regardless of tiny little details that we all look for in the construction of a PAF the key things here are that the baseplate will never oxidise under the decal. Also, the hookup Gibson used on PAFs had two strands per plait. I'm pleased to say it's not one of mine.
  4. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Good day to all. Some of you will be surprised to see me here again after all this time. Well, I have finally gotten round to getting a computer fixed so I'll take this opportunity to say hello and hopefully put a few worries to rest. Firstly, I'd like to say that no one will ever not get...
  5. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Please let me put your minds at rest. As most of you know, I have worked in a Shed for years, hence the name. That was OK but every few years I've had to get a bigger Shed as I invest in better equipment etc. At the end of last year my Mrs decided the time was right to move house...
  6. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Oh yeah. I'm right up there with John 'Two Jags' Prescott:thumb:
  7. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Cheers Brian.
  8. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Happy holidays to all and thanks to all for your patience, custom and friendship throughout the year. I'm still in the old Shed until I at least have a door fitted on the new one. The snow's blowing in there which is a bit of a nuisance. Here's a little pic of my old Shed when I walked...
  9. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Dave Dearnaley once suggested that I should up the value of them by snuffing it. A couple of weeks ago I thought that was going to happen!
  10. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Chaps, I'm back. Not planning to move house ever again though especially not while suffering from vertigo! I'm having a new workshop sorted which will not be ready now until after Christmas. Meanwhile, I am still working out of the old workshop when I can. As for a black bobbin bridge Zepp...
  11. Nugget

    "Over The Pond Guy" PAFs

    He hand winds them. I know because I've seen him in action.
  12. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    You would have to say what era really. He did use that Peter Green guitar a lot but he also swapped pickups in and out as well as pots. Also, he's used all sorts of guitars over the years including T and S type guitars. All said and done, it can be achieved.
  13. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    The main thing is that I want my people to get their pickups. I'm just really pleased that this set, at least, turned up again. I had a bad few days stressing about Carl's post.
  14. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    Accepting that a set of pickups for you went missing in Germany, I did make you another set which you wanted sent to Taiwan where you were working for the summer. I sent them to the address supplied. These arrived back on my doorstep this morning: Obviously something went wrong here as...
  15. Nugget

    OTPG Strat pickups

    Strat Pickups OTPG <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_GB"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  16. Nugget

    Shed Pickups [merged]

    And yet I've sent you two sets of pickups with a third now to come. This time, as I have told you today in an email, I will be sending the next set by International Signed For airmail so that I know you've got them. Three sets of pickups costs me a great deal of money you know and to be frank, a...
  17. Nugget

    Boutique pickups: What does a $250+ set have that a $150 - $200 set doesn't?

    Hand wound and hand assembled with ageing is extremely time consuming. Then add the cost of superior component parts. Look at it like when you take your car to the garage for work. Usually, the biggest part of the bill is labour charges. As for big name users; sometimes us pickup makers...
  18. Nugget

    Bare Knuckle quality?

    Bare Knuckle Pickups will not ever allow poor quality pickups out the door. Of course they are not a one-man business but all staff are trained and expected to work to strict standards. Parts quality is superb and mostly custom made in the UK at great expense.
  19. Nugget

    Pickup ears stripped...

    I use these:- 3-PIECE REDUCING PUNCH SET
  20. Nugget

    Over The Pond Guy Pickups

    There's no contract written or otherwise.

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