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  1. Bill Hicklin

    Brabarians vs Decadence: demolishing the silly Fremen trope Fascinating- an educated dismantling of one of those 'everybody knows' things which is complete booshwa, the idea that "Hard living produces hard men who are better fighters than city softies."
  2. Bill Hicklin

    215 consecutive days at sea! Frankly she looks pretty damn good, considering. No way to put men over the side to paint, or aloft while equipment is radiating.
  3. Bill Hicklin

    World's sexiest woman to play history's sexiest queen

    Gal Godot. Cleopatra. Drool.
  4. Bill Hicklin

    Tesla has a competitor

    Or at least the Model X does. And only $40k base sticker. Taking US reservations now.
  5. Bill Hicklin

    Man Stranded in Lake George Saved by Priests on Floating Tiki Bar
  6. Bill Hicklin

    Business as usual in the People's Republic of China "China enticed an American entrepreneur with the opportunity of helping build a cutting-edge automobile company in the world’s largest car market, then used the uncertainty cast by COVID-19 to steal his...
  7. Bill Hicklin

    GO NAVY!

    Anthem-kneelers can eat a bag of dicks.
  8. Bill Hicklin

    I sure married up

    Being married to a professional certainly has its consolations: Last night was French night: bouillabaisse with fresh mussels, shrimp and cod in a broth from fresh tomatoes, leeks, garlic, fennel and saffron, accompanied by a '17 Chateauneuf-du-Pape. And followed by crepes Suzette with...
  9. Bill Hicklin

    Goodbye Hagia Sophia
  10. Bill Hicklin

    Dodged a bullet (Rona content)

    My daughter- who works as a cashier in a bodega, lots of customer contact - and who was just here on Sunday (along with my 84 year old mother), came down Monday night with a fever of 101 spiking to 104. Felt like crap. Kept trying to make an appointment for a Rona test but every place was...
  11. Bill Hicklin

    RIP Carl Reiner

    A comedy god; he will be missed. Head writer on the Dick Van Dyke show, frequent collaborator with Mel Brooks, all the way down to the Oceans movies. And father of Meathead, who gave us Spinal Tap.
  12. Bill Hicklin

    Eco-weenies endanger lives Small cars continue to be the most dangerous type of vehicle for drivers, according to a report released by the IIHS on Thursday. Small cars and minicars accounted for 15 of the 20...
  13. Bill Hicklin

    Badass movie speeches

    Here's one to start off with
  14. Bill Hicklin

    What? A Hollywood producer, crooked?

    Say it ain't so!
  15. Bill Hicklin

    This is kind of neat (aviation content)

    My grandfather's pilot's license, 1930. Yes, that's Orville Wright's signature. He had actually been flying as a barnstormer for five or six years by then, but he needed a license to fly the mail.
  16. Bill Hicklin

    Watching The Last Waltz again

    Jesus, what a great concert movie
  17. Bill Hicklin

    F*CK democracy! (Warning: rant content)

    Churchill famously pointed out that "Democracy is the worst form of government ever conceived, except for all the others which have from time to time been tried." Well, it's about time to try something new, because as Churchill also observed, "The best argument against democracy is a...
  18. Bill Hicklin

    Your daily rosewood fix

    Back in the 30s or 40s my grandfather had a local blacksmith make this knife from a leaf spring(!). He made and fitted the grip himself from some BRW he had lying around. MFer will take an edge like a razor. Unfortunately it will rust if you don't dry it carefully.
  19. Bill Hicklin

    Damn, Gibson listened to me!

    Gibson Revamps Kramer with Original and Modern Series | NAMM 2020 I've been saying for years that Gibson has to address the metal market (the only growth segment in guitar-based music) with shredder axes that traditional Gibbys just ain't, and the Kramer brand is the perfect vehicle for that.
  20. Bill Hicklin

    Car question: cig lighter

    Rather bizarrely, my car, beside the ashtray, has what looks like it should be a cigarette lighter socket but is actually just a 12v outlet- you can't put a lighter in it. (I have a suspicion that Japanese-market cars do get real lighters) How complicated would it be to swap it out for a...

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