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  1. Sharky

    help needed to buy and ship in/from US

    Hey all, my daughter will be having her first Baby in October. When I was in Arizona 1995 I bought an Oshkosh toddler's striped overall for her as she was just new born. She loved this thing when she saw some old pictures of her wearing it back then. Unfortunately it's gone and I'd love to buy...
  2. Sharky

    Oh My, definitely want badly. '58 Goldtop offered at Drew Berlin's
  3. Sharky

    Ford Bronco 2021. Count me in

  4. Sharky

    sold: price reduced 2017 Gibson Custom Shop Explorer '58 Reissue in TV Yellow

    Hi all, I have a pristine 2017 Gibson Custom Shop Explorer '58 Reissue in TV Yellow up for sale. I'm asking negotiable 2,990 Euros for it. The only other for sale is at a store and costs more than 1k Euros more. Sorry, not interested in any trades at this time. Comes completely in it's OHSC...
  5. Sharky

    seen the SpaceX Starlink satellite train already?

    I was out for a cigarette the day before yesterday and as I always do, I observed the sky. suddenly a sattelite flew by, which is nothing too uncommon. Then another one appeared. Hey, great coincidence, love it. Then the next showed up, the next and the next. A huge train of satellites marched...
  6. Sharky

    2010 Reissue Pickguard

    Hey all, which Pickguard would a 2010 R7 - R0 Reissue sport? And which bracket is the correct one? Thanks for your advices
  7. Sharky

    2017 Custom Shop Hog Explorers, any informations?

    Hey all, ever since I sold my Korina Explorer, which I instantly regretted, I'm looking for a replacement, because Explorers are such wonderful guitars. I came across a 2017 all Hog Explorer from the Custom Shop. I would have to buy it sight unseen. Does anyone have experience with it? How...
  8. Sharky

    R7 60th anni questions

    Hey all, hoping to get some insight because I don't have the slightest clue about RIs built after 2014. I have the chance to purchase a 60th anniversary heavy aged R7 Goldtop and like to now whether it's specs are at least as good/historically correct as the 2014 models. Where would you...
  9. Sharky

    70 yo and still having fun

  10. Sharky

    Holy Smokes......

  11. Sharky

    smells fishy to me....

    this is plain nuts in my book. Don't get me wrong, I won't play the moral superiority card, but in a world where people are still starving to death, this is immoral:
  12. Sharky

    any Mandolin players here?

    Hi all, whenever I hear music with a lot of Mandolin parts in it, I realise more and more that I like the sound and the way to play it more and more. Especially Irish Folk music is what I like. I went to the biggest store around today, huge Gibson and Fender dealer, all the acoustics up and...
  13. Sharky

    Gibson Custom Shop Freddie King ES-345 Artist Model

    Hey all, today I have something very special to offer, the Gibson Custom Shop Freddie King ES-345 Artist Model. I bought it some weeks ago, played it a lot and like it very much. It has a very nice sound and with the stereo and the Variotone/Pickup selection/sound options it is a very, very...
  14. Sharky

    Tweed Champ and stereo cable question

    Hey all, I have a 1961 Tweed Champ which has two input jacks. One has a little lower sensibility, the other one is louder, rounder and more mellow too. I recently got a ES-345 in Stereo and a Stereo cable with it. So I tried it out. Works great. Using a regular mono cable, the neck PUP won't...
  15. Sharky

    Fender 90s MIJ Strat Info needed

    Hey all, I'd love to own a 60s Oly White Strat and until I hit the lottery, I'd rather have a RI. Locally a mid 90s MIJ Strat with rosewood fingerboard surfaced and I'd like to know what those might be worth in an average player's condition and what to look for in particular. I know how to...
  16. Sharky

    Hamer Sunburst

    Hey all, I always loved the look of the Hamer Sunbursts, nicely figured maple and the flat top too. I never had the chance to play one, thus my question: how do they sound and play compared to a Les Paul. Thanks for any information
  17. Sharky

    Bad Monkey question

    Hey all, I hope y'all had a nice christmas. Haven't owned a pedal for at least 30 years, I have a question: Since I couldn't find a new one, I bought a used Bad Monkey pedal lately and just checked it out. I followed the instruction that I downloaded, inserted a new, fresh battery but didn't...
  18. Sharky

    flight delayed again? No problem

  19. Sharky

    FS: Marshall DSL 1 Combo / JCM 2000 50th Anniversary Germany/EU

    Hi all, I love my vintage Fender Tweed Champ way too much, thus neglecting the Marshall DSL 1 Combo / JCM 2000 50th Anniversary, it really doesn't get playtime at all. I bought it brandnew in a german store exactly 3 years ago and it accumulated maybe 3 hours of playtime. Not because I...
  20. Sharky

    WTB EU only Bad Monkey

    Hello all, does anyone sell a Bad Monkey pedal? Should be in OK shape and of course in complete and working order. They pop up on the german ebay every second day, but I'd prefere to buy from a forum member here. Have one, wanna get rid of it? Shoot me a message. Thanks

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