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  1. rogue3

    Wow.I got a Cheque Today...

    ...came in the mail.626$ I'm over 65. i hear there is more to come.interesting.payback?(48 years of contribution on payroll taxes draws).Its like i'm being told to quit and relax on the porch..:hmm: What say you?
  2. rogue3

    I Finally Turned Off My Phone...

    ...this weekend.long one up here,the best. You know when everyone gets to ragging on your ass...or, to put it another way,the complaints dep't is running overtime?...'nuff said.i've worked my butt off for 2 months at work.Time for a little peaceful time.Phones are not permitted.Don't call...
  3. rogue3

    Gary Moore.History Of His Guitars.

    After Judson's post on Gary Moore,the vid led me to this: Watched it yesterday, for you gear heads! A pretty cool and informative retrospective on his guitar acquisitions over the years.With some great pics.A little long,but worth the watch if you want a complete scoop. It isn't all about...
  4. rogue3

    JTM 45 Bluesbreaker Reissue.The Vibrato Weak.

    Speed and Intensity,no matter what level, not much difference.My footswitch ,no difference either. A little,maybe, but hardly audible. Another footswitch? I tried,no dice.The same.A little, but hardly audible. So,it's an internal issue? Where do i look first?( easy fix for...
  5. rogue3

    Wet-Bulb Temperature

    Never fully appreciated this term till now,but,it looks like it will be another official temperature descriptor up here besides *current temp values* and *Humidex*. The point at which the surrounding humidity is so high, sweat no longer evaporates to cool you.Could be any temp. from mid to late...
  6. rogue3

    Summer Solstice

    Today is the day. No great revelation here for us nothern hemisphere tribe.But nice.And i got blue sky right now,so, cool.77 fahrenheit...but , lol, dropping to 50 farenheit by morning.:eek2: ok. ...i just got off a 7 day 24 hrs call stretch.its glorious out...and i am beat and stoked at the...
  7. rogue3

    Doh.Just the Speaker Wire.

    I am an bad. few days conjuring up all kinds of maladies on a nice 45 year old Sansui pre/power amp, one(Rt) channel failed... maybe the blue tooth transmitters/receivers for that channel have failed?...that takes out my theatre sound.beast.80 watts aside...switch issues?, ...crap. the...
  8. rogue3

    It's A Good Sunday! geetar stuff.

    :jam: :jam:
  9. rogue3

    Amphenol Plugs.

    Just sharing a tid bit .I was looking at some of my longest lasting guitar cords...the plug ends make or break cords with these plugs on the end are still perfect...although the strain relief sucks and is showing its age, beyond the plug in the cable sheath(splitting) Then i was...
  10. rogue3

    The Dry Out on Analog Delay Pedals

    Who else uses them? No biggie,just sharing i did this with a Maxon 999 yesterday.Wet and dry to two amps. Holy shit. This is what it did. The dry is now the lead signal, first amp,1981 Deluxe.The second amp,the wet, 1961 Brown Super,kicks in with the remaining echoes.Feast for the ears for me...
  11. rogue3

    One Half Step...

    i think i've got it...that's all. move one half step,and all is well.:beer:...saved from harmonic fail.simple solution.
  12. rogue3

    Saga On The Loose.Munich.1981.

    sorry.just love this vid right now so.
  13. rogue3

    Speakers. How Many? Your Inventory Count.

    Last link on the sound chain.the most important one,imho. Least heard about. Doesn't even have its own forum.:( So your total inventory count, that you listen to regularly. In your space,of course. Feel free to types. i give you mine. I have 30 in total. In combos and cabs.among them,Vintage...
  14. rogue3

    Open Back Combo's.

    no biggie, just leave adequate posterior space for the cab and speakers to breath! just did this.awesome improvement.
  15. rogue3

    Acoustic Picking In The Snow

    watching snowflakes fall here.big sky lake view.sargassian sea. Got my Martin D28's on deck.:cool2: I can pick any pattern i want,to match the fall of the flakes.not Paco De Luca speed,but, it sounds.eases my tensions.working off chord structures...D,G,C,F,A,E...dip into minor...
  16. rogue3

    I Was Perusing then...Aldo Nova

    When a guy steps out of a chopper with a leopard jumpsuit you know shit just got real... :rofl: its cool.its rock and roll.
  17. rogue3

    Technique: Finger Picking with Age

    I love loud. The past 3 years has seen me get quieter than ever, a lot of external reasons. More to the point, pick in 1st and 2nd finger...finger pick with the last 3 fingers. I particularly love being able to pick 4 strings simultaneously.sometimes i dump the pick and go to 5 strings...
  18. rogue3

    Real Time Weather Radar Here...

    we have excellent feed....about to get wacked.snow,ice crystals,and freezing rain ...hibernation time....fvck this.
  19. rogue3

    Lord Have Mercy...amp content.

    I don't have a lot of squeak,thx to divorce bills, but hey, this has shown up locally. these amps only come along once in a while, and imho, are no worry. ;) . .shut my mouth.get off my duff.idiot.
  20. rogue3

    Conflict Resolution

    Feel free to comment.:beer:Seems to be a good skill set. good black friday.

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