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  1. moreles

    Klon/Volume Hybrid?

    I hope some of the experts on this forum will prove willing to note whatever problems or positives they might find in this idea. I'm thinking of building an unbuffered Klon-type circuit into an empty wah housing so that I can adjust the volume (not gain) by having that pot driven by the...
  2. moreles

    Makeover Junior

    Got this '95 on eBay expecting to do a thin refin and major work to make it super-playable, but was shocked to find that this cheapie plays better than anything else I own, and the finish is so nice and thin that it's hard to believe it's a production Gibson. Converted it to a Mojotone gold foil...
  3. moreles

    Gold Foil Junior!

    Thought a nice modern Junior would make a great platform for a Gold Foil, but wanted to retain the simple style of the guitar and avoid the fish-out-of-water appearance of the Lollar Gold Foil mounting. So... found that my '05 has a soapbar rout under the dogear that matches the Mojotone Gold...
  4. moreles

    Wraptail/Stopbar setup

    Here's a pic of a suggestion made previously. For those who want to control wraptail or stopbar height while also snugging the studs down tight for good coupling, try using skateboard "speed rings" (washers used in mounting wheels on trucks). The center hole is just right for the stud, and the...
  5. moreles

    Snug wraptail and stopbar?

    If this bit of info has been posted before, please excuse. Just trying to be helpful. For those who prefer to have their wraptails or stopbars snugged down tight against the body, try using skateboard "speed rings" as washers between the stud flange and the body. These steel washers have the...

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