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  1. theycallmegio

    Anyone else named Chris? [free gift]

    Hey MLP, My MIL got me a sign to hang in my guitar room for my bday but I received two of them. the vendor told me to keep the extra, so I figured I’d pass this off to MLP. if anyone would like my extra sign please PM me where you’d like me to ship it. First PM will take it Thanks
  2. theycallmegio

    Requesting assistance identifying this guitar

    Hey Norlin fam! I finally restrung my new LPC and took a look under the pickups and TRC. I have a photo of the back of the head stock too. I’m hoping to confirm this is an ‘84, what pickups I have in my guitar, and if the neck is maple. any help is greatly appreciated
  3. theycallmegio

    NGD - Birth Year LPC!

    I was not in the market for a new guitar but my wife made the mistake of bringing this one to my attn last week. It has always been a dream of mine to own a birth year LP. This is an '84 LPC][/url] the updated 'Paul Wall'][/url]
  4. theycallmegio

    Epiphone les Paul special ii

    We all know the know one. i have a bunch of spare USA parts off of my other LPs. Will any of it fit? Nashville bridge,Klusons. Obv I know I can throw pickups in there but I’m wondering what will fit or what upgrades I can make to it.
  5. theycallmegio

    Swapping pickups out on my standard - looking for wiring options

    I'm swapping out some Duncans for DiMarzio, primarily for aesthetic reasons. Can anyone point me in the right direction for wiring and pots/caps understanding? I understand this is a great opportunity to upgrade pots/caps but I don't know much about this. Treble bleed, 50s wiring, no idea...
  6. theycallmegio

    Very non-LP purchase - usa charvel San dimas

    This thing is a long of fun, super light and easy to play. feels like wearing sweatpants whereas playing a Les Paul is more like wearing jeans. it belonged to a good friend of mine that never bonded with it (modern metal head, looking for hotter pickups and a floyd) so I took it off his hands...
  7. theycallmegio

    NGD - PRS Santana

    super nice guitar, I already like it better than my SC245!
  8. theycallmegio

    NGD + membership renewal

    Hey all - I'm pretty happy to report that i'm back in the game as well. I had been playing primarily through an avid 11r and become uninspired with playing. I picked up a couple of new guitars this year but this last piece of gear really got me back into playing and into my les pauls. I...
  9. theycallmegio

    someone catch me up to speed - are new standards no longer weight relieved?

    Hey all - I've been out of the game for a few years. I was looking at LPs and I noticed the traditional is no longer offered, and if I'm reading correctly the standard model is a true solid-body? can anyone confirm this? If so, when did Gibson start doing this? Sounds like a step in the right...
  10. theycallmegio

    Buzzing coming from headstock (possibly tuners?)

    Hey all - I have 97 custom, fantastic guitar but it has an annoying buzz that comes from the headstock when I play/strike chords. It doesn't come through the amp, but I still want it addressed. Is this common? I was hoping perhaps tightening or reassembling the tuners would help. Not opposed...
  11. theycallmegio

    Holy moly, Cubs win World Series and gibbo reissues mark knopfler's 58 Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Can't wait to get my hands on one of thes. I'm hoping CME picks one up.
  12. theycallmegio

    Chicago winter gave my custom a set up

    I haven't played my guitars much this winter but the climate has certainly done a number on them. My custom however, was almost in perfect tune when I picked it up and kept tune just fine. Only difference is that it was set up and tuned to eb. It was in relative tune when I picked it up, just a...
  13. theycallmegio

    Can someone confirm what year LP traditionals were solid/non weight relieved?

    I really wanted a 57ri but if I could score a cheap solid body gold top trad Id be more inclined to go that route. Can someone help a brosef out?
  14. theycallmegio

    Les Pauls as the centerpiece to my livingroom!

    I moved into a new apt w/ my gf. I wanted to have a room for my music stuff, but we ended up moving into a 2 bedroom apartment (idea was to have a guest bedroom, and a third room for my music crap). Solution? Livingroom is now the music lounge. TV is off to the left in the corner of the room lol
  15. theycallmegio

    Ngd 1st prs

    Hey all, it feels kinda weird having a non Gibson ngd but this thing is pretty sweet! Just picked up this gorgeous 07 sc 245
  16. theycallmegio


    It's a couple days late as I was waiting for the monitors to arrive. I picked up an 11r and a pair of rockit6 monitors. I finally stopped kidding myself about a tube amp being ok for an apt (even at 5 watts lol) Guitar is not new :)
  17. theycallmegio

    I feel like I have permission to buy a used R7

    :laugh2: a few weeks ago I got a job offer that would be a big game changer salary wise, and there is a bonus that I am pretty excited about. Last night my gf came over and I told her I bought a gold top from CME. She just asked 'how much' and I paused and said '2400', she laughed and look...
  18. theycallmegio

    is there a non mobile version of jam up? or something comparable?

    I'm playing through garabge band, dirty sounds are very meh. was wondering if there is a jam up version for apple (macbook, not ios), or something affordable that will give me some decent tones.
  19. theycallmegio

    Really dumb question: How do I clean up (and avoid) swirl marks/light scratches?

    I've always bought used guitars and they've always been all swirled up. Never bothered me too much until I got my LPs, I hate to see the finish all dulled up by swirl marks. How do I remove them, and how do I keep that stuff from coming back (assuming I can remove it)
  20. theycallmegio

    1969 SG in the house

    It belongs to a friend of mine. It used to belong to her father, he passed away and now it spends most it's days in a case. It came up casually in conversation that she has this guitar (I had no clue). Long story short, I took it home and cleaned it up and got it back to playing condition. She's...

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