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  1. Torshalla

    WTB: Slash 58 First Standard Aged or Aged and Signed

    Hi, I am looking for a Gibson Slash 58 First Standard in Aged or Aged and Signed… please send me a PM if you are thinking of selling yours. Rgds Torshalla
  2. Torshalla

    NGD - Gibson Custom Inspired by Slash Aged and Signed nb 48

    A new baby joined the collection... and I already love it. Amazing craftmanship, of the same level as my Perry Burst re issue or Skinnerburst re issue. Gibson really did a great job with this series too. It weighs about 4,4kg which seems to be a common weight based on the ones I could read...
  3. Torshalla

    NGD - Aged Skinnerburst nb 22

    She just arrived today... amazing playability and tone, loving everything about it so far :)
  4. Torshalla

    NGD - Joe Perry Aged & Signed nb 38

    Hi guys, I just recently bought this beauty, Joe Perry 59 Aged and Signed (2013). What a work of art... Tom Murphy really did an amazing job. I already own a JP59 VOS and they are very similar guitars... the neck profile is extremely close (apart from the missing nitro), they feel very similar...
  5. Torshalla


    Finally got an AFD VOS Les Paul... i have been looking for one for many years but timing never worked out... the planets finally aligned :) Really loving the neck, pretty close to a 59... fills my hand whilst being super comfortable. Sounds awsome... the AFD grind is there. Super light too...
  6. Torshalla

    NGD Slash 58 first standard VOS

    Got this baby a couple of weeks ago... was a bit afraid about the neck being too chunky but it is not so different to a 59 neck in depth... feels great actually! Love its tone, and she looks much nicer in real than on the pics... a real stunner. Took the Pictures before removing the famous tone...
  7. Torshalla

    NGD Joe Perry 59 VOS

    I bought this amazing guitar about a month ago... I am still in the honeymoon phase. It feels so great to play it and sounds amazing too. The neck is super comfortable and I love the top.
  8. Torshalla

    Where to buy grey foam padding for R8 case

    Hi I am looking for the grey foam padding that is found in Re issues lifton style cases. For some reason mine came without it and the guitar is sitting lose in the case. See attached pic showin this padding around the headstock and under the strap button. Would appreciate any tips on where i...

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