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  1. zamdrang

    Anyone else dig Dave Hole?

    I've been in awe of Dave Hole since the first time I heard him 15 or so years ago. An absolute demon on slide and plays with so much soul and a cool overdriven tone for a slide/blues player Criminally underrated in my book
  2. zamdrang

    School me on 2017 Reissues

    I just played a 2017 Dirty Lemon VOS reissue that I loved. I was confused that the shop has it labeled as a '58 but I haven't noticed the 2017s referred to that way anywhere else.... ? Is this ignorance by the shop or are they built to replicate certain years like the Rs were? Over the...
  3. zamdrang

    Got my 83 Custom Refretted. Luthier to avoid.

    This was buried in my other thread...thought id post a new one to help anyone avoid what happened to me. Anyway I went with 6105s. Changed the guitar. It still buzzes and was setup poorly...but underneath that I can tell the tone has come alive. It was very lifeless and dead. Now its very...
  4. zamdrang

    Fretboard grooves next to frets

    Hi all, killer to see a Norlin forum. Ive got an '83 Custom, the frets are a bit too low for my tastes. Are these whats known as "fretless wonder" frets? Im considering a fret job, but on closer inspection i c little grooves cut into the fretboard along the edge of the fret, parallel to...

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