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  1. Lester

    2010 50's LP / P90's - why so cheap?

    I'm not familiar with the newer parts of the market... but shouldn't this be a lot more money in today's market? Also, do these have a thin 50's neck or a thick 50's neck? EDIT: Whoops... Sorry... I was distracted while browsing & posting. The one I was looking at was an ended listing for...
  2. Lester

    Epi P90's vs. Gibson P90's; Thoughts? Not what I expected

    Comparing P90's on a 2011 Epi SG '61 reissue to a 2021 Gibson LP Special with P90's. Never used P90's before. I've found some things I didn't expect. Both clean up nicely backed off 10 on the volume. But the Epi's are easy to make sing like Santana at Woodstock with just a little grit on the...
  3. Lester

    Testing the 1M vs. 500K pot effect w/o a 1M pot

    Does this idea work: I have a P90 with 500K pot. I am interested in seeing how much it would brighten with a 1M pot. I don't have one on hand. Assume I solder a 470K resistor in series in between the normally grounded volume pot lug and the ground (pot case) Have I successfully simulated...
  4. Lester

    Clarify details - later EPI SG's w/P90's and set necks

    If I'm looking at EPi's from probably 2010 onward, looking for a set neck, slim taper, P90's... Are there just two lines: The bolt on SG that sells for $180-$200 new and $100 -$150 range used and the set-neck that sells for $380 - $400 new and $300-$350 used (US dollars)? Is the P90 model...
  5. Lester

    Dummy Coils - Theory help (then maybe application)

    Starting on the theory side... I thought I understood how a humbucker worked... two coils, one reverse would, back to back. Hum generated by both coils with opposite hum/sine waves, sine waves cancel each other (always wondered why this didn't cause the canceling of other frequencies that I...
  6. Lester

    3 Pickup Custom Black / Worn / Value?

    What's a rough idea of the value of this LP Custom? All the hardware is in worn/slightly corroded condition. Seller says he hasn't played in years; Frets appear to confirm that. Assuming the rest of it is setup-able, what's a rough idea of a USA value?
  7. Lester

    Vintage SG, 22 fret, no space neck to pickup?

    What's up with this alleged '73 SG Custom, photo below? The neck pickup is right up against the neck. All the GIBSON SG's I've eyeballed recently have about 3/4" between the end fretboard and the neck pickup. Maybe some vintage 70's 3 pickup models excluded. Was this factory? Did they move the...
  8. Lester

    Gibson Blues Hawk? Anyone have one?

    Just saw one of these for sale. LP shape, hollow body / f holes; P-90's, Fender style bridge & controls... with a Varitone. Seems like a Tele thin-line mated with a early LP and a 335 and this is their tri-bastard love child. Anyone play one?
  9. Lester

    Tuner post diameter '77 Deluxe? Chrome or Nickel?

    Are the Kluson chrome (not green pearl) Tulips on a '77 Deluxe 8.8mm aka 11/32? They're not 10mm, correct? Also, the finish on these is chrome? Not nickel?
  10. Lester

    LP Special DC Dual P90's... is this an incredible deal?

    I've run across a LP Special dbl cut with dual P90's in worn cherry. One vol/tone. New, plastic still on the pickguard, case candy unopened (gig bag). Price is $750. This seems like a heck of a deal (assuming it plays well) although I'm not familiar with this part of the market. Is this a...
  11. Lester

    Locking Bridge Studs for Wraparound Bridges: Dissertaiton and Discussion?

    Interested in other folks experience with locking studs of other types in terms of utility, ease of use, etc. Background: Had a couple guitars with one-piece wrap-arounds. Setup issues. Sitar sounds. Good action elusive. Issue: Wraparound bridges fit loosely on the bridge studs. Bridge tilts...
  12. Lester

    Scale Length and string tension - at what point can you feel it

    I have a 70's LP. "Plays like buttah" as the phrase goes. I acquired an Epi SL a while back. Did the frets, replaced bridge with an intonatable one, got the action almost as good as the LP. Plays nicely. But, the Epi seems much harder to play as in "it's beating on my finger tips at 3x the...
  13. Lester

    School me on EPI SG's with a set neck & a thin neck

    Years? Models? Looking for 22 frets, Set Neck and a Thin neck (not narrow, wider actually preferred) I played a 22 fret Gibson SG today with a set neck. Excellent design for me with the double cut and the thin body-to-set-neck joint. Works great for my shorter fingers - much better than my LP...
  14. Lester

    24 frets? Weird!

    I thought I really wanted a 24 fret guitar. It seemed like 24 would be cool with the extension of upper scales. I played a 24 fret PRS and liked it, but I thought the birds were an issue for me as a reference point. (They might be - undecided on that point). But today I played that again...
  15. Lester

    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    I was in Guitar Center today browsing for a strap. Wasn't in a hurry, so I decided to try out a few reasonably priced guitars just for kicks. Expensive stuff requires someone to unlock the guitar, but the under $1000 stuff is free to pull and play. Tried some Epi's (not up to the suggested...
  16. Lester

    Early 2000's SG - Opinions? Value?

    This is for sale near me for what could be short money. Thoughts? I don't know squat about these. Set neck? What would you pay for one and still consider it a good deal?
  17. Lester

    Pedal Power, Daisy Chains, Grounds - Enlighten me!

    I've been told that using daisy-chain power will cause noise... so multi-point type pedal wiring is preferred. What's the difference inside the power supply box? Daisy chain is simple enough to understand.... power transformer > one secondary > two wire daisy chain to pedals. So what's a...
  18. Lester

    Why not slant the speaker baffle to project upwards?

    I accidentally ran across this bass cab. The front of it is slanted to project sound upwards. Seems like a good idea for guitar since when playing at home you have to rig something like that anyway to hear what's coming out of the amp properly. Is there any reason not to do this?
  19. Lester

    Soldering iron - what wattage for pedal boards, etc.

    Soldering circuit boards in guitar pedals and automotive board components, etc. My old 25W soldering iron really needs replacement. Before you suggest "soldering station" with varying temps, I'm not that into it and I have limited space and funding for this. I need a one trick pony. FWIW, I...
  20. Lester

    The Bourns Report

    Just thought I'd throw some review/info out here on the Bourns mini-pots with DPDT switches for anyone who considers them. TL; DR: Work well; couple mm taller than spec'ed; ratings consistent but edge of spec; DPDT lugs are tiny. I went with these because I wanted push-pull in a cavity that...

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