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  1. Oldskoolrob

    F*** Facebook, Long live MLP.

    Apparently linking this song on a post on FB is 'against community standards'. I wonder if they'll read my response. I wonder if they'll be offended. I wonder if I'll be excommunicated from the 'almighty'. :rofl:
  2. Oldskoolrob

    Has anyone here built a kit car? A Cobra calls.....

    Hey groovers, a pipe-dream of mine may potentially/maybe/possibly start to congeal in the next few years. Always loved the look of an AC Cobra, and I'm hoping to get enough funds to get a kit in the next few years. Does anyone here have experience with them? Considering importing a Factory Five...
  3. Oldskoolrob

    Would a Prius make me a better musician?

    I'm not wanting to get into anything Political or a debate about the Confederate Flag, but this seems like a step too far. Recinding a music award nomination because you own a car? No wonder they never nominated Lemmy - they would have had a heart attack!!! Kenny Wayne Shepherd: I have just...
  4. Oldskoolrob

    Is this one of the Canadian Fake Tokais?

    I can't remember the story about them, just remember that there were some made for a Canadian dealer? Is this one?
  5. Oldskoolrob hard.

    I regard myself as a patient person, but waiting is hard, and patience is as much a skill as a natural attribute. So I wait some more...
  6. Oldskoolrob

    NGD....the first in YEARS.

    I used to buy guitars often, and I've had quite a few over the years. These days I have 3 guitars I use ('94 LP standard, '94 Gretsch 6120 and a Korean epi LPC of unknown year). Over the last couple of years I have used my LP pretty-much to the exclusion of all others (except when I need a...
  7. Oldskoolrob

    Where to buy customised Truss Rod Covers?

    Thought I'd ask here first in case anyone does them. I'd rather give you some coin than some Ebay unknown. I need two 'bell' gibson truss rod covers to suit LP, one engraved with Succubus and the other Lilith, preferably in the correct font used by Gibson (1990's).
  8. Oldskoolrob

    Any other Darkness fans here?

    When it first came out I really liked The Darkness' "I believe in a thing called Love" but never paid them much more attention. Boy was that a mistake. Just bought a copy of "Permission to land". Dang - should have done that a while ago. So now I'm deep down the dark rabbit hole. What an awesome...
  9. Oldskoolrob

    Are there fake Tokai's?

    Howdy guru's My on-going trolling for a stable-mate for my LP continues. And I think I've found the one - a nice LS135Q. Only problem is it's a 5hr drive to see it. All looks legit, seller is very helpful and genuine. I'm planning a road trip to go and buy it (seller is holding it for me) next...
  10. Oldskoolrob

    This looks fake to I wrong?

    Trolling local Les Paul ads I come across this one. I think it's fake. Am I wrong?
  11. Oldskoolrob

    What can you tell me about this Orville?

    Hi gurus - What can you tell me about this? I don't know much about Orville's. Advice appreciated.
  12. Oldskoolrob a few weeks if all goes well.

    So, without boring you all with details I'm looking at getting another Les Paul. I currently have a '94 Standard with Seth-Lovers & home-made 50's loom (love the Seth's and 50's wiring). I'm wondering if a thicker neck might help as I don't play as much or as fast as I used to and noticed the...
  13. Oldskoolrob

    Can I just check this is legit?

    Hi - didn't there used to be a fake Epiphone thread? This one looks legit to me and I'm considering it - Does it look ok to you?
  14. Oldskoolrob

    Hey what's up with this?

    Just watching some old videos - Les and Mary have the jacks on the front - was this done for some reason or are they prototypes?
  15. Oldskoolrob

    Set myself a challenge - succeeded.

    Hi groovers, I've been lusting after a single-pickup R4 lately. I've also been lusting after an AC15, and ditching my pedals. So I set myself a challenge. I had to play my next whole gig only on the bridge pickup, and only through one setting on my amp sim (Tech21 Liverpool Deluxe). Today I...
  16. Oldskoolrob

    Can anyone verify this Greco?

    Hey Groovers, Can anyone tell me if this Greco looks legit? Hoping to go and have a look in person but I know SFA about Grecos'. Would like to know if it IS a Jeff Beck re-issue or a mock-up.....?? Cheers, Rob.
  17. Oldskoolrob

    What drives GAS?

    I've never wanted an LPC before, and never really been a fan of gold hardware or black guitars. I suddenly find myself lusting a black LPC with gold hardware. Weird.
  18. Oldskoolrob

    Vox AC15C1 vs C2

    Howdy, I may be getting an amp. I've always heard that a 2x12 will give a better sound than a 1 x 12. But are they $400 and 8kg better?
  19. Oldskoolrob

    Dilema - which of these two?

    Hi, I may be able to get a new (to me) guitar this year, I'm considering these two. Which would be your pick?
  20. Oldskoolrob

    Is this legit?

    I don't know much about vintage Les Pauls, but I get a fishy smell with this one? What do the experts say?

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