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  1. Buffalo

    Gibson quality going down the drain again ...

    ... got my new Explorer case today, that i've ordered almost a year ago (mid may 2020). So i was quite happy when the parcel arrived, until i opened it. Since when do the grips on gibson cases do look and feel so shabby or someone simply forgot to add a strip of leather on the grip ? What it...
  2. Buffalo

    NGD Harley Benton SC-Custom FR II

    Got my Harley Benton SC-Custom FR II today. Bought it as a parts donor for a build project, because it was cheaper to buy the guitar then buying the FloydRose 1000, the Grover Tuners and the locking nut on their own. It also comes with a pair of golden Marvel strap locks. Playability is very...
  3. Buffalo

    Awsome 5W madness ...

    Usually i play via a HR Pedalboard modeler straight into the mixer and out on 2 x LFR-212 FRFRs, but today i thought i'll do some fun stuff with my tiny 5W practice amp. I did a test purely for curiosity, never expected that the sound would be so great. I've mic'd my tiny 5W Laney Cub8 practice...
  4. Buffalo

    Harley Benton FRFR-112A

    Just bought a Harley Benton FRFR-112A for rehearsals and as a stage monitor. Couldn't hear a difference besides the loudness compared to the Laney LFR-212s. But the Harley Benton needs to get cranked to +10db to be as loud as a LFR-212 at +/-0db. So it's definitely not a serious replacement for...
  5. Buffalo

    NGD Fender CN-140SCE

    It took some time to find a replacement for my Kasuga, but here she is:
  6. Buffalo

    Laney LFR-212

    Just got a pair of FRFRs to make some noise with the headrush. 2 x Laney LFR-212 cuboids, 800W and 2x12 each. I love these, but they're way too loud to play on ten.
  7. Buffalo

    Gibson availability issues

    Hi, i've ordered a Explorer case and a Flying V case back in may and the dealer set back the delivery date several times. I also can't order it elswhere in europe because all dealers i've checkt have either the same delivery issues or don't offer these cases anymore. The supply of US made...
  8. Buffalo

    NGD Fender American Ultra Stratocaster SSS/MN Texas Tea

    After several weeks of delays the Strat finally arrived. Out of the box setup was a mess ( like all my made in USA guitars). Even had to adjust the neck join with the bolts because the low e-string was barely over the fret at the 22nd fret. Playing the low e in the upper frets (19-22)...
  9. Buffalo

    Fender Les Tele ?

    OMG ! I almost peed my pants ... a Fender "Les Tele" Troublemaker Telecaster :rofl: :lol:
  10. Buffalo

    36 Hz hum ?

    I was setting up my recording equipment today and noticed a hummmm. Not the usual 50/60 Hz hum. As the spectrum analysis shows it's somwhere around 36 to 37 Hz. The 50 Hz (Europe ~230V @ 50 Hz) hum on the Yamaha singlecoil pickup can be seen as a little spike with -90db , while the humbuckers on...
  11. Buffalo

    HeadRush Pedalboard

    This thread is for the general discussion of the modeling amps HeadRush Pedalboard. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. Buffalo

    NGD Duesenberg Starplayer TV blue sparkle

    I've waited a long time until she arrived. Isn't she marvelous ? And she sounds great too. Especialy the P90 on the neck. The funpart comes with the addons, no strap, but a plectrum and band aid with "JUST IN CASE YOU PLAYED UNTIL YOUR FINGERS BLEED" on it.
  13. Buffalo

    NGD Gibson Explorer B-2

    And yet another disapointment by Gibson. Got the 2019 Explorer B-2 delivered today. I already had reduced expectations since the 2019 Flying V B-2 arrived yesterday. But this is even worse. Action was a ludicrous 9 mm on the high e string at the 12th fret. The bridge poles where maxed out to...
  14. Buffalo

    NGD Gibson Flying V B-2

    I'm a little disapointed. Looks better on photos then in reality. Very low weight, looks and feels flimsy and cheap. Neck could be used as a grater. Intonation is okay, but action is a sky high 3.6mm on the 12th fret low E string. I could easily sky dive beneath the strings. Says "Made in USA"...
  15. Buffalo

    Gear addiction ...

    ... Ooops i did it again. Ordered another bunch of guitars ... - Duesenberg Starplayer TV (shipping early June) - Gibson Flying V (shipping next week) - Gibson Explorer (shipping next week) To justify the purchase i've decided to leave only the Duesenberg (My only semi hollow) in standard...
  16. Buffalo

    Laney CUB8

    This thread is for the general discussion of the amplifiers Laney CUB8. Please add to the discussion here.
  17. Buffalo

    Looking for a new classic guitar

    Because my all time favourite guitar, my beloved Kasuga G-312 is showing enormous wear on the frets after almost 50 years of service, i decided to retire her. So i'm in need for a replacement. But which one to buy ? It should be a reasonable priced classic (nylon) guitar. A guitar that i can...
  18. Buffalo

    New Amp Day ... Laney Cub8

    Since i've got my Headrush Pedalboard directly to the mixer and the PA i've got rid of my amps and passed'em to my kids. But i felt somehow that i still need a small tiny amp when i just want to rock NOW without powering up all the PA gear ... That's why i've bought this beautiful 5W Laney...
  19. Buffalo

    How to name my new Les Paul ?

    Hi, i gave all my instruments a name and i'm still in doubt how to name my new LP. My first thought was i should name it after my ex-girlfriend because she had a les paul guitar tatooed on her arm, but then i remembered that we split up because of her relationship to a famous guitar player and...
  20. Buffalo

    Harley Benton SC-400 SBK

    Got a Harley Benton SC-400 SBK for my son delivered today. Yes it's not even close to a Gibson, but it plays perfect and it's only a unbelivable $107. Can't belive that one can get a guitar that is actual playable for this price. Body is made from basswood, neck is maple and the fingerboard...

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