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  1. SFK

    WTF about this poor kid?

  2. SFK

    Sounds Like?: A Turd

  3. SFK

    This Seemed To Interesting to be Buried in the Vintage Section: TED NUGENT AUCTION!

    Let's keep politics out of this but WOW! He's getting rid of a lot of stuff! Buy his whole backline!
  4. SFK

    Bring Out Your Juniors! (and Specials too!)

    Show us what you've got. I'll start: '06 1958 Les Paul Junior Reissue and a '01 1957 Les Paul TV Reissue.
  5. SFK

    Is No One Excited about a New Hummer?
  6. SFK

    Bummer. RIP Bob Kulick :(

    He played some of my favorite Ace Frehley Solos.
  7. SFK

    Goodbye Mr. Appendix

    It started with horrible stomach pain. No eating for a day and a half. My groin started to hurt. than my whole right side. I really, really didn’t want to go to the ER went to the ER at around 6pm. By midnight I was on my way home. Appendix free.
  8. SFK

    NPW New Puppy Week

    This is Lottie. She is 8 weeks old. We got her on Friday. She is fitting in nicely.
  9. SFK

    Pastor of Muppets

  10. SFK

    Hello America!

    When Def Leppard was a Hard Rock Band:
  11. SFK

    Zero to Give
  12. SFK

    Practice, Practice, Practice...

    Lest somebody goes Medieval on your ass:
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  14. SFK

    Rock Music from the Oddest Place

  15. SFK

    David Gilmour Auction ($3,975,000 Stratocaster) If you’re one of the well-heeled bidders who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at a guitar auction today, it’s time to have a cigar.David Gilmour’s guitar collection set several auction...
  16. SFK

    It's been a Rough Week. (I lost a piece of my heart.)

    Kimba, How do I do this? I’ve tried and tried to find the words to articulate how much you mean to us so others will understand but words fail me. I could tell them all of your nicknames or how you used to sleep on my head. I could talk about your favorite toy mouse or how I couldn’t drink...
  17. SFK

    Estate Sale Find!

    I don’t know what I’m going to do with this thing but it looked cool. It appears to be a 50s model, probably made by Kay.
  18. SFK

    Damn. Not King Kong Bundy!

    another has passes. R.I.P. Big man. I was just thinking about him the other day.
  19. SFK

    Duck, duck...


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