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  1. starscream

    WTB: Looking for some LP BFG hardware

    Hi all, I'm looking for the black nickel hardware from a stock BFG: the bridge (+ studs and inserts) and tailpiece (+ studs). Already have the tuners. If you happen to have a set, let me know. Or, if you have a BFG and have been thinking of swapping yours out for something else, now's your...
  2. starscream

    Love this LP tone courtesy of Reed Shimozawa

    Yeah, Reed who? I was browsing YouTube looking for music I haven't heard in a while and came across a live show from a light alt-rock band called Zuckerbaby that had some success in Canada in the late 90's. The guitarist's name is Reed Shimozawa and I love the tone his LP has in this song...
  3. starscream

    Saw Def Leppard last night

    Vivian played his '56 Goldtop re-issue on nearly every song. Sounded great, looked great (and he looks healthy too, finally cancer free). I still really miss Steve Clark, though. Phil played his signature Jackson in about a half dozen different colors throughout the night. I've seen these...
  4. starscream

    Les Paul Ultima Tree of Life

    I came across this Custom Shop guitar from the IKEBE guitars site in Japan. I thought I would share the photos for no other reason than it exists and some people might find it interesting, to say the least. Yes, it is real not a fake. And it costs over $11,000. And now, the pics:
  5. starscream

    FS: 2007 LP Classic Sapphire Blue MINT

    Selling my 2007 LP Classic in Sapphire Blue. It was a limited production, Musician's Friend exclusive. I bought this a few years ago from Scotty "Gbrat" Robbins, it was an unplayed closet queen. I have not played it either, so it's still as mint as when it was originally purchased. It has the...
  6. starscream

    FS: 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Ocean Blue

    I'm selling my mint condition 2014 Trad in Ocean Blue. I bought it without playing one (my mistake), and tried to bond with it, but it's just too heavy and the neck is too big for my liking. I'm a wussy 60's neck kind of guy. By all other accounts, it's a fantastic guitar. The flame is amazing...
  7. starscream

    WTB: Dimarzio Super 3 F-spaced

    Looking for a used F-Spaced Dimarzio Super Distortion 3. Not having any luck coming across any used ones on eBay or Reverb.
  8. starscream

    Mecum Les Paul for charity auction

    Not my thing, I'm just posting this in case anyone is interested in reading. Gibson Les Paul Guitar For Curing Kids Cancer for sale by Mecum Auction
  9. starscream

    FS: 2004 LP Studio Sapphire Blue Limited Edition #55/200

    If anyone's interested, I have a nice 2004 LP Studio in Sapphire Blue for sale. It's number 55 of 200. Guitar is near mint and all original, only a few marks here and there on the clearcoat, which may be all able to be buffed out if someone desires. I've got this up on eBay with a start of $999...
  10. starscream

    FS/FT: 2 New Nighthawk bridges, 1 black / 1 chrome

    Hi all, At one point I owned a Nighthawk with gold hardware, and I hated the gold. I was going to change it to either black or chrome. I found replacement bridges and since I couldn't decide, got one of each. A couple months later something else came along that I had to have, and the...
  11. starscream

    WTB: 496R and 500T in Reverse Zebra

    Looking for 496R and 500T pickups in reverse zebra. That would be where the poles you can adjust are on the white bobbin instead of the black (for Gibson this is reverse, everyone else this is regular zebra). Gibson sells these as accessories in their regular zebra, but I have seen them do...
  12. starscream

    FS: 2004 LP Studio Sapphire Blue / Platinum

    Selling my 2004 LP Studio in rare Sapphire Blue / Platinum. I was told there were only about 50 of these made and sold only through GC or MF. '59 rounded neck, 490R/498T, Rosewood fretboard. Light use with NO dings, chips, nicks, scrapes, scuff, breaks or repairs. It does have a little pick...
  13. starscream

    Les Paul Reissue Quilt in Indigo Blue?

    So this photo was posted on Gibson's Facebook and Twitter accounts a few days ago, identified as an Indigo Blue Les Paul Reissue Quilt by Gibson Custom. Has anyone ever seen one of these? I can't find one for sale anywhere, or any record that one was produced, nor anyone on the internet who...
  14. starscream

    Les Paul Manhattan Midnight

    Selling my LP Manhattan Midnight Robot. It is dead mint except for two small clearcoat chips on the back bottom edge near the button strap. I know some people on here hate the Robot concept. All I'll say is it's optional. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it and can tune manually...
  15. starscream

    Sam Ash Melody Maker $299 sale

    If anyone's interested, Sam Ash has Melody Maker Les Pauls in blue for $299 while supplies last. I think they were normally $399.
  16. starscream

    Sam Ash Melody Maker $299 blowout

    Flying V (white), Explorer (blue), SG (blue), all $299 while supplies last. I think they are normally $399.
  17. starscream

    Someone get a deal or get robbed?

    I thought this was a fake based on what I think is the wrong type of serial number for a custom, but someone bought it: GIBSON les PAUL CUSTOM ELECTRIC GUITAR, made in the usa, BLUE sal | eBay Did someone get a real custom for $1700, or did they just get taken?
  18. starscream

    FS: 2002 Les Paul Studio Limited Edition Blue Metallic

    Hi, I have a mint 2002 LP Studio Blue Metallic for sale. The metallic series ran for 4 years and came in blue, green, red, yellow, and orange I believe. There were only 200 or 250 of each color for each year. They are easily recognized by the EBONY fretboard with no markers, and by the black...
  19. starscream

    WTB: Pickups from Les Paul Buckethead

    Looking for the white 496r/500t pickups from the Buckethead. If any of you Buckethead owners replace them and want to sell them, let me know.
  20. starscream

    FS: Les Paul Studio Platinum

    Before I list this on eBay, I thought I'd see if anyone wants to make an offer here. It's a 2005 Studio Platinum limited edition. Matte Platinum finish on body and headstock. Ebony fretboard. NOT chambered or weight relieved - it's probably the heaviest LP I've ever owned. It's been played...

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