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  1. blakem

    1959 Hugel Les Paul jam

  2. blakem

    Looking for Classic 57's or 490 series buckets

    Looking to purchase a set of 57 classics or 490 series , I want chrome covers on them... thanks . Let me know.
  3. blakem

    19 Days Sober today. :)

    My story.
  4. blakem

    Trying out some Jazz..

  5. blakem

    My new project band doing some Steely Dan for the first time. brand new group of guys jamming... I love the tone of my Les Paul through the Phaez Lightning Cutter and a TS 808.
  6. blakem

    Who's got a New Years gig tonight? Post your gig!

    Not sure how many here are gigging but tonight I'm rocking the Keene Italian Club in Keene New Hampshire with Turn It Loose! (local classic rock band).. Do any of you guys have gigs tonight?:hmm:
  7. blakem

    Lost 55 Pounds

    Ive been watching my weight for a year now and am under 200 pounds for the first time since 1997...I was over 250,,, Im excited and can breath when I tie my shoes LOL Then // Now
  8. blakem

    Show your Early 70's Customs!

    man I LOVE MINE! 1973
  9. blakem

    Easy Guitar Lessons for beginners

    Here are all of my videos so far for new guitar players.. I hope this stuff helps you...
  10. blakem


    HI Everyone , Hope all is well. Been playing like crazy lately, learning hybrid picking, I'm enjoying it a lot... well... Cheers and keep jamming.
  11. blakem

    WTB Set Of Gibson Classic 57's

    I would like to purchase a used set of Gibson Classic 57's for my Class 5 Les Paul... let me know. Thanks.
  12. blakem

    Trying some country style picking
  13. blakem

    Mediocre blus jam
  14. blakem

    Is Cookie Boy still in these parts?

    Is Cookie Boy Still Around?? That was one funny dude.... every post made me laugh... hope he is well. :)
  15. blakem

    Hey All!

    Holy smokes, I was cleaning my place and in thought when it dawned on me..I haven't been on My Les Paul for A Long Time!! I sort of forgot about it.... out of sight out of mind.... How the heck are you all doing?! Great I hope!:)
  16. blakem

    Hung out at BCR Music!

    I took a road trip to Pennsylvania, needed some time to myself, ended up at BCR music, got to hang out with the infamous Greg Platzer, met fellow MLP'r Leumas and had a great time! Awesome hospitality and let me tell you, Greg can play a mean guitar! Loomis, Greg and myself! The face says it...
  17. blakem

    I got a loaded pickgaurd setup named after me!!

    Great Pickups! I'm honored!!! Pro Series Pickguard Blues Kat, THEBLAKEM
  18. blakem

    An article was written on me.

    I am excited, a local entertainment site where I live did an article on me.. I'm honored. Meet Michael Blake - Monadnotes
  19. blakem

    1984 Peavey Encore 65…… GREAT AMP!

    a review I did.
  20. blakem

    My Guitar Family

    D'angelico EX-DC , 73 Custom, 03 Class 5, a hand made Tom Hugel 59 Les Paul and a 1993 Strat Plus.

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