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  1. lespaul1648

    What sounds better than a Les Paul + OCD + Tweed?

    What sounds better? A Les Paul into a Marshall Silver Jubilee...that's what.
  2. lespaul1648

    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    The ones who know Gibson know they get what they pay for. The ones who disagree...are the ones how hate or just cant afford them.
  3. lespaul1648

    2022 lineup changes, additions, predictions?

    Some different color SG's would be a start.
  4. lespaul1648

    Removing little ding from Goldtop

    Really bro...that is nothing for real. Dings and dents are going to happen just from playing. If you dont want any of that to happen just out in the case and leave it alone.
  5. lespaul1648

    My name is John, and I'm an addict. (Somebody please talk me out of buying an SG. )

    Dude...dont buy it. I am being serious...they look great they sound great and they are comfortable to play plus they don't hurt you back when playing standing up (Although I love heavy guitars). Why anyone would but an SG is beyond me. I friggin hate my silverburst SG so bad I play it all the time.
  6. lespaul1648

    What the hell did i buy?

    Yeah...that happened to me once at a bar. Woke up in the morning saw what was next to me and climbed out the friggin window.
  7. lespaul1648

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional question

    I think what you are referring to about the fretboard is that Gibson had issues with importing wood from over seas. So they had a hard time getting rosewood and ebony. It's been a long time since this happened so don't hold me to this. So they started using richlite. I think thats how it went...
  8. lespaul1648

    When did PAFs get wax potted?

    Gibson 57 classics. To me the best pup out there.
  9. lespaul1648

    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    Marshall Silver Jube
  10. lespaul1648

    NGD: 2021 R9 - Green Lemon

    Unless I missed there a reason why Page wrote that on the shipping box?
  11. lespaul1648

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Why pay for some one to do it when it can be done by yourself. Plus you get the joy of playing the guitar. I don't know...maybe I am crazy for thinking this way.
  12. lespaul1648

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Hey man you wanted aged...well you got it. Buy a guitar and age it by simply playing the damn thing.
  13. lespaul1648

    Factory Finish Inquiry

    Yeah bro that didn't come from the factory like that...that came from someone's house back to Sweetwater like that. Which shocks me that Sweetwater even sent it out like that. Get the new one send that back and enjoy.
  14. lespaul1648

    Monster tops without stripes

    Everyone else did.
  15. lespaul1648

    Polish a LP studio, afraid it get stuck in the wood

    Dont pay any attention to that crap. I have been using virtuoso for years.
  16. lespaul1648

    What Is It About The Les Paul That Makes It Special?

    A Les Paul is like a woman...beautiful curves and just feels wonderful when your holding it. And if she is touched right she will makes beautiful music. Anyone on here who doesn't know what I am saying...must play Ibanez.
  17. lespaul1648

    Problem with Finish on 120th Anniversary Les Paul Traditional

    Okay...I know this may sound weird but the same issue happened to me with a 2010 Traditional. Now I played the guitar for a long while with no issues at all. Then all of a sudden at the same area as yours the bubbling started. I was baffled and then I figured out what it was. Normally I use the...
  18. lespaul1648

    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    Stop with the tomfooleries already. If anyone believes this you are as much a fool as this person is for posting this. This was most likely purchased from Stratosphere and posted for some attention. We all know Gibson has been dealing with QC issues but this is ridiculous and to me completely...
  19. lespaul1648

    Factory aging to replicate a broken headstock?

    Dude...if Gibson told you they aged it but did not replicate a repaired headstock why are you still thinking about. Move on got you answer from the horses mouth.

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