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  1. sherpa_man

    Gibson 59 Les Paul Ace Frehley Aged Unsigned True Historic UK BASED

    This 59 Les Paul Ace Frehley aged unsigned guitar is factory fresh with a HUGE flame maple top and was built out in 2015. Gibson Custom in cooperation with Ace Frehley and by popular demand decided to built ONLY 18 59 Les Paul Ace Frehley aged unsigned guitars and these are even more rare than...
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  3. sherpa_man

    Les Paul CC #26 Whitford Burst 1959

    Based in the uk but will ship world wide £4995 plus shipping[email protected]/sets/72157690425676383 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Collectors Choice #26 Whitford Burst with Upgrades. Amazing replica of Brad Whitfords 1959 Les Paul. Beautiful 3D flame and grain on the...
  4. sherpa_man

    vintage style single cut flame top

    vintage style single cut flame top loaded with ox4 pickups and fitted hard case the carpet should tell you enough Price is $8,000 plus shipping I am based in the uk
  5. sherpa_man

    Best Place to Sell A Canadian Replica

    I know we cant list replicas for sale on this site, I understand why. Any places you guys can recommend to sell one?
  6. sherpa_man

    Inbound ngd

    Just on my way to pick this one up, it will be a perfect match for my Canadian 59 :-) heres a few of my 59 to :-)
  7. sherpa_man

    Builder Help

    I know we cant list who the possible builder is for the below guitar but any pointers to who it may be? I am hoping to extent my Canadian collection
  8. sherpa_man


    So after a week or so of is is going to turn up, isn't it going to turn up have i lost my money etc etc, today my Gibson R9 arrived. The guitar is fantastic, lighter than i thought it would be but still sounds great, massive range of tones just from the pickups controls through the Friedman...
  9. sherpa_man

    Nik Huber Custom Orca UK BASED WORLD SHIPPING

    For sale is one of my two custom order Nik Huber Orcas. I have just bought a Orca 59 and i am selling one of these to fund the purchase. Both are £3500 firm, no trades on these. Shipped within the UK in that price, worldwide shipping can be arranged at cost. If you need any more info...
  10. sherpa_man

    About to join the Gibson family (again)

    Heres a few shots of my R9 VOS :-) I have had a few Gibsons over the years but this one just stood out to me.
  11. sherpa_man

    Few vids

    just posted a few vids of my les paul what do you guys think ? YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  12. sherpa_man

    Age of a custom

    hi guys im new to this forum ! just after abit of help dating my les paul custom. Its a wine red gibson custom i was told from the shop i bought the guitar grom they thought it was a 2001 model. I emailed gibson today with the S/N number and was told its alot older than this the S/N starts with...

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