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  1. fry

    Online shopping sales tax

    So, everybody knows that a couple years ago they kicked in a requirement that all online retailers collect sales tax. That came as a shock to a few people when they got to the checkout and saw this additional cost on there. On large purchases, it could really add a lot. I was thinking about this...
  2. fry

    RIP Ed Asner

    Passing at the age of 91. This leaves Betty White the only living cast member of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  3. fry

    Sweetwater bought out- sort of?

    I guess this isn’t breaking news, but apparently some big investment group is infusing a bunch of cash into Sweetwater and taking majority ownership. I’ve always had good dealings with them, I think they are the last one standing that still have a good reputation. On the surface, this sounds...
  4. fry

    RIP Charlie Watts
  5. fry

    RIP Tom T Hall

    Heard a lot of his music when I was a kid. He did a great bluegrass album in the 70’s called “The Magnificent Music Machine” that my dad loved. We listened to that 8-track in dad’s ‘75 F100 a million times.
  6. fry

    Ivory Custom Blackback Re-released With New Headstock

    I’m happy to see this one. I always liked the look of this guitar, and had been wondering if they would bring it back with the updated headstock.
  7. fry

    I’ve had it, I am officially deactivating my account…

    My craigslist account, that is. In fact, I already did it. It’s been talked about around here over the years, peoples’ different experiences with their local craigslist. My local craigslist has always been a complete shit show. Mostly junk, overpriced, and people wanting to trade. You rarely...
  8. fry

    New EVH amp series “5150 Iconic”

    I guess this has been out for at least a couple days. A little more budget friendly line of amps, they look pretty cool, and the prices aren’t terrible. Maybe a few corners cut, but I would bet they are pretty nice. The EVH stuff has been of amazing high-quality in my experience. The only thing...
  9. fry

    PRS HX (Hendrix) Amplifiers

    Anybody checking these out? I guess Paul and his main amp guy got access to one of Jimi’s actual touring Marshall heads and took notes. They basically recreated an updated version of it, and kinda looks like they did a pretty good job nailing the sound. It’s way above my skill level, and way...
  10. fry

    Herb Tarlek has passed- RIP Frank Bonner
  11. fry

    RIP Ned Beatty

    Great character actor, always turned in a great performance in all of the many TV shows and movies he was in.
  12. fry

    Is there a safe way to sell and ship a guitar person to person?

    I have a guitar listed on all the usual places for sale. A guy a few hours away reached out to me and made an offer to buy it directly, outside of reverb, eBay, etc. I have no reason to believe he’s some kind of crook, he just sees an opportunity for me to save on fees, and for him to avoid...
  13. fry

    RIP Humpty Hump

    I don’t know the first thing about this guy or his band, outside of that one song. I have never been a fan of hip-hop, have no use for it whatsoever, but it is a damn good catchy song. I used to DJ weddings, and everybody loves that song, every age, every generation...
  14. fry

    Jim Steinman dead at 73
  15. fry

    Cool informative video about speakers

    OK, this video is a little lengthy, but I thought it was just excellent. Learned a lot of cool stuff from it. The guy from Jensen is a guitar speaker encyclopedia, you can tell he knows everything.
  16. fry

    RIP James Hampton

    I guess this guy wasn’t really a household name, and I haven’t been paying real close attention to the news lately, so I missed this one. Really good actor, you know the face even if you didn’t know his name. He was on F-Troop, The Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds, lots and lots of other shows...
  17. fry

    Wives and gear

    I know this topic has been bounced around here from time to time. Everybody has a different experience with how wives handle, or do not handle the purchase of gear. I sold a guitar last night on reverb, I think around 10 PM. I woke up this morning to find a request from the guy to cancel the...
  18. fry

    Craigslist “flagged for removal”. WTF???

    Can somebody explain this process to me a little better? I’ve had this happen a couple of times in the past, listed some thing only to have it removed almost immediately. Nobody ever gives any reason or explanation why, it just happens. I saw a video where a guy explains that if flags outnumber...
  19. fry

    RIP Hal Holbrook

    OK, I am over the death of Screech. Now we can mourn an actual legend. This guy has been around a long time, and had a hell of a career.
  20. fry

    RIP Screech

    Screech from “Saved by The Bell” dead of cancer at 44. That story just came out in the last couple weeks, I think. It did not sound like it was going to end well, but damn, that was fast.

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