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  1. JDZ

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Seventy Seven Exrubato Hollow-S, which is a full hollow body version with P-90's that they made for a while. Not sure of the year, but the original warranty card is dated 2011. This was made in Japan, the JT or Japan Tuneup series are not. USD $1,500 Comes with the case pictured More pics...
  2. JDZ

    Aria Pro ii LS800 with Gibson T Tops??

    Those are Japanese T-Top Bobbins, not Gibson. The Gibson's have three circles between the center pole pieces, the Japanese bobbins are smooth there. Here are Gibson T-Tops:
  3. JDZ

    Difference between Burny 1980s FLG-90, FLG-150, FLG-240

    I've recently translated some Japanese where they were clearly talking about a veneer cut from a log and in the same paragraph clearly talking about solid wood planks and both were translated as 'veneer'. Been wondering if the same words are used in different contexts.
  4. JDZ

    Difference between Burny 1980s FLG-90, FLG-150, FLG-240

    FLG-150 are veneer tops, just like an EGF 1200. I lose no sleep over it for either of them. The Mahogany used on these is gorgeous and the finish is nitrocellulose lacquer as they react instantly to acetone. Price wise, you need to realize that 1980 was still early days for Seymour Duncan and...
  5. JDZ

    Difference between Burny 1980s FLG-90, FLG-150, FLG-240

    FLG-90 - Rare FLG-150 - Very Rare FLG-240 - Unicorn I don't believe there are any verified FLG-240's. For FLG-90 vs FLG-150, originality is key (critical) in identifying which is which. Some come with paperwork too...
  6. JDZ

    Anyone ever tried Maxon U3000 and/or U4000 pickups?

    Wasn't listed with the others EDIT - found in another ad: The appearance is the same as the U-3000 and U-1000, but the magnets inside are different. Humbucking style with less distortion in the bass section.
  7. JDZ

    Anyone ever tried Maxon U3000 and/or U4000 pickups?

    Greco's descriptions: U-3000 Humbucking pickup with American made magnet. Ultra power, clear and crisp. 15K yen U-2000 It has a unique sound and It has the characteristic of humbucking pickup, and the cry in the treble. Cold 12K Yen U-1000 Humbucking pickup with no distortion. Ultra power and...
  8. JDZ

    best Tokai, Burny, or Greco models?

    I prefer Super Real, but If you like the Project Series models the EG 1350 is rarest and the one to try to find. One sold recently in Japan for 264K yen. With the nice violin finish on these models, the pancake body ruins it for me. EG 1200's come up for sale the most of the three.
  9. JDZ

    Solid or veeneer top question again..

    Much less than 50:50 LS-120's are almost always veneer. I've only seen pics of one LS-120 that was clearly solid flame top, don't remember what year it was. Can be very hard to tell sometimes if a top is veneer. Can't tell from those pics. Edit - actually the seam line looks off from the top...
  10. JDZ

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    I bought one at a great price because it was signed by a Japanese rock star. Figured it would be easy to get the sharpie off with a little polishing compound. My plan went south quick once I got it though. They had clearcoated it to protect the signature. Became a long and stressful process of...
  11. JDZ

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    380K!:facepalm: Guess you need to be a big X Japan fan
  12. JDZ

    Yamaha Guitars (and all other things Yamaha)

    1984 SG 1000NW
  13. JDZ

    Yamaha Guitars (and all other things Yamaha)

    1978 SA 2000
  14. JDZ

    Greco U2000 vs PU 0 - stop me if it's been asked before ...

    They are not the same as DRY Z's. The Ibanez LR-10 had 'LR Special' pickups which have SUPER 58 base plates and the infamous 'Z' stamp. They don't sound anything like a DRY Z and the resistance is completely different than a DRY Z.
  15. JDZ

    Duplicate Burny Serial Numbers?

    Likely a date code rather than a serial number. Guitars produced on the same day.
  16. JDZ

    Solving the mystery of 1976 Greco Pickups

    Hardly! It's an inherent problem with not knowing what you're buying and guitars that have been modified.
  17. JDZ

    1989 Navigator Blister Top

    Sorry, don't know which factory
  18. JDZ

    1989 Navigator Blister Top

    Thanks! At that time would be made by ESP - or do you mean which ESP factory? On some of the later Navigators the serial number will indicate the ESP factory it was built in. Like this Navigator the TH in the serial number means it was made at ESP Technical House
  19. JDZ

    Attention all planets of the Solar Federation...NGD

    Seventy Seven are beautifully made guitars. I have one full hollow of theirs. That one looks fantastic - congrats

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