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  1. Rocco Crocco

    Please critique my mix

    I recently started using a Plugin Alliance plug-in called ADPTR A/B, which allows you to quickly click back and forth between your mix and whatever reference tracks you are using. This has been really helpful in getting the relationships between the different instruments to sound good. It's also...
  2. Rocco Crocco

    How to quit your job... mic drop.

  3. Rocco Crocco

    Any inside info regarding the Philly guitar show?

    As in will there be one in the fall? I figure some guys around here may have some inside info. I think attendance numbers would be huge.
  4. Rocco Crocco

    Sold! Price drop. Vintage Duncan Seymourizer 2 ... $30

    Price includes shipping to CONUS. Pay with Paypal. Vintage Duncan Seymourizer 2 -- beat to hell but works fine. Neck pickup that evolved to the Duncan Distortion. $30.
  5. Rocco Crocco

    Help me ID this old Duncan

    Anyone know what this is. The sticker looks like it says "Sey J".
  6. Rocco Crocco

    RIP Markie Post

    Died of Cancer. She was a smoke show. RIP.
  7. Rocco Crocco

    SOLD!!!! Duncan JB Jr. for Strat white

    Sold!!! $60 shipped to Conus. Excellent cosmetic condition.
  8. Rocco Crocco


    Sold! These pickups came from a 2013 LPJ. They have black plastic covers similar to EMGs. Still have quick-connect adapter attached. Note that the pickup-ring mount is attached to the cover. There are no legs attached to the baseplates.
  9. Rocco Crocco

    Opinions on noiseless Strat pickups

    I have a Schecter Nick Johnson Strat... stock it was an SSS configuration. The noise from the single-coils in my house is unusable. I installed a JB Jr (single-coil sized humbucker) bridge pickup which sounds really nice, but isn't "Stratty" enough. Anyone have opinions on brands of noiseless...
  10. Rocco Crocco

    Pickup consistency from unit to unit

    Does anyone have any experience regarding mass-produced pickups sounding different from one another? I am trying to figure out why the DiMarzio Norton I installed in my Les Paul sounds awful (wayyyy too much bass) and the same model DiMarzio Norton I have in another Les Paul sounds like angels...
  11. Rocco Crocco


    *** Sold*** Epiphone Quick connects adapters (5 pin) are installed. If you have an Epiphone with this set-up, it's plug and play. Otherwise, just snip them off there is plenty of lead to use. Polished nickel covers. they look like chrome. Excellent cosmetic condition.... just a few small...
  12. Rocco Crocco


    Sold! Bridge PU is sold! The neck pickup comes in the original box. $100 shipped to CONUS.
  13. Rocco Crocco

    Is My Pickup Microphonic?

    I have a Super Distortion (P90 size) in a guitar. The pickup previously worked fine. The neck P90 works correctly. But now, flipping the toggle switch, tapping the guitar body with my hand, tapping the pickup, etc. makes pretty loud sounds that can be heard through the amp. It is also very...
  14. Rocco Crocco

    Weird pop-up I have only gotten on MLP (so far).

    Windows 10. See pic below. It happened twice on my computer in the last couple of hours. This screen pops up, then MS Edge locks and I have to go into Task Manager to close edge. Cloudflare is a web security company, apparently. Avast says I have no viruses or malware, and I didn't sign up...
  15. Rocco Crocco

    Mysterious truss rod?

    I have an Epiphone Explorer, purchased brand new about a year ago. Once I set it up it played fantastically. Guitar is stored in my basement which is consistent humidity and temperature wise. The guitar sat for a couple months unplayed. I went to use it the other day and there was a backbow in...
  16. Rocco Crocco

    "We don't deserve dogs"

  17. Rocco Crocco

    Dude pulls bobcat off wife, battle ensues.

    Marvel at this beast of a man as he grabs a bobcat off his wife, yeets it halfway across his yard, and chases it down with a gun | Not the Bee
  18. Rocco Crocco

    Line 6 HX Update 3.1

    Everything Helix just got an update.... they added a Orange Rockerverb, a great hall reverb, a new spring reverb and even tape saturation. Most notably, they increased oversampling, whatever that is, but everything as a whole sounds more defined and crisper, especially sounds with higher...
  19. Rocco Crocco

    Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Ding

    I have this old Yamaha. Poly finish. Its in great shape for a 1985 model, but it looks like the guitar was dropped, because there is a 2" ding where the wood/finish got crushed. You can see that the finish has cracked and the wood is slightly dented. I tried using a damp rag and a hot...
  20. Rocco Crocco

    11 Types of Tone Snobs

    Pretty funny, and fitting around here. Which one are you? Music Radar 11 types

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