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  1. Johnnyslim

    Vintage Kluson tuners

    Complete set of vintage 50's D-169400 Kluson tuners. All original except two tips replaced due to crumbling. Hold tune great with no slipping. $700 and open to reasonable offers. Ready for immediate shipping.
  2. Johnnyslim

    1950's Les Paul knobs

    Set of four late 50's Les Paul bonnet knobs. Quite clean set with no cracks and only a bit of greening. $600 or best offer. My pics are to large to post but I will work on that. Until the pics are posted you can contact me by private message for photos.
  3. Johnnyslim

    Pickup lead splice

    I have a splice on the neck pickup in one of my conversions. For some reason I always thought something was amiss. I decided to pull it for inspection or to redo the splice. I eventually opted to redo the splice. Got it done, no buzzes or grounding issues. Pickup still reads the same 7.45...
  4. Johnnyslim

    Dr. Vintage Les Paul wiring harness

    I have a Dr. Vintage Les Paul wiring harness not in use. Rick spec'd his CTS pots and caps for his personal use. The pots are in the 560k range with .022 paper/oil caps. I have a set of his in another guitar and they are great with a smooth taper. Think I paid $120 new but asking $80/obo...
  5. Johnnyslim

    FS: One pair of Wizz Premium Pickups

    One pair of Wizz premium PAF clone pickups. Neck is 8.06 and bridge is 8.3. Double cremes with covers and pickup rings. Included are the eight ring attachment screws but only one set of height adjustment screws with springs. I have owned a few PAF clone pickups over the years and will say...
  6. Johnnyslim

    Vintage Special / Jr. parts for sale

    No photos yet but will get some posted later today. > Pair of 1957 P90's with original covers - $1100 OBO. Neck 7.9 and Bridge 8.3. Honestly, a great sounding pair of pickups. Neck is PAF'ish in tone and a good biting bridge tone. > 1958 Les Paul Special pickguard with screws - $750 OBO >...
  7. Johnnyslim

    50's 335/345/355 Lifton Case

    Selling a late 50's Lifton 335/345/355 case. Strong 9 of 10 condition with what looks to be a replaced handle. Original Excelsior latches and includes the Excelsior numbered key. Both the Gibson case badge and Lifton badge are intact. I bought this case since the original '61 case is not...
  8. Johnnyslim

    Bartlett P/U Rings for sale

    I bought a set of Barlett pickup rings that I am not using. Never been installed on a guitar...asking $220 or best offer...and I am open to offers.
  9. Johnnyslim

    KT66 Tubes for Sale

    I have three pairs of KT66 tubes for sale. All are very closely matched. Using a bias probe all are within 5 points of each other. Currently 2 pair of gray glass Genelex and one pair of IEC Mullards. Reason for selling...I have gone back to early 60's Mullard EL34's. FYI...this pair of...
  10. Johnnyslim

    Burst Tuners for sale

    Full set of Burst D-169400 Kluson tuners. Original tips, ferrules, and screws. All in fine working order. I see early 50's tuners in the $625 range but maybe not all ferrules, screws, retips, etc. Not sure of the price any more so I will say $800 or best offer.
  11. Johnnyslim

    FS: 1952/57 Les Paul Conversion

    Loaded with 50's parts and ready to go. Asking a firm $10K. I will also entertain selling parts, too, but that price or prices would need to be worked out via email. Below is a list of parts currently on the guitar: Original early 50’s no line PATENT APPLD Kluson tuners with...
  12. Johnnyslim

    Max Les Paul for sale

    Greetings...first post here. Now that I have your attention. Everyone knows Max (Peter) no longer builds guitars so this was assembled by a well known luthier using hide glue. Pics can be provided as requested but I will get better pics to post here. These are the particulars: * 50 year...

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