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  1. dasherf17

    Pure Kossoff

    Palmer...thanks for the video...Koss is definitely a guitar hero to me...I've often said he could do more with one note than many could do burning all over the neck...playing smarter, not harder? That much soul.
  2. dasherf17

    Pure Kossoff

    Hi, says here the video is unavailable...which one is it?
  3. dasherf17

    NGD! Custom Shop R8 Iced Tea Flames

    Man! That would've been a hard one to let go in the first place... Strange how things get around in the used ranks...glad you got your "long lost" back!
  4. dasherf17

    How Do You Insure Your Guitar Collection?

    2 German Shepherds and 3 Cardigan Welsh Corgis...
  5. dasherf17

    New Gibson - QC issues?

    Good luck, db...I'd love a new Gib, but not at the risk of of "the mail"... Boris...I'm on the fence with that should look new, not imperfect. But...they it out and see (and hear and feel) if it sounds and plays to your liking (or, hey...lovin'!). THEN do you want to spin the wheel...
  6. dasherf17

    How loud are you guys running your amps?

    Are most apps that accurate?
  7. dasherf17

    Should I be Worried ?! - Neck Binding Lacquer Crack LES PAUL 2021 STANDARD! (That would not fly with guitar, from factory, no flaws, especially like that...a blemish, maybe but no cracks... If it's a good player, naw, not even then...
  8. dasherf17

    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    I could have had one for $350 new when they started releasing them ('90s?). I'm more of a Gibson-guy...
  9. dasherf17

    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    My $425 Les Paul Deluxe I bought in '71 I would have paid $2733.37..."roughly"...
  10. dasherf17

    Dream Guitar/Guitar Porn the bottom one...
  11. dasherf17

    Vintage Norlin SCORE - '77 Gibson Walnut RD Custom!!!

    As a Firebird fanatic I thought it was a nasty rip-off...the bit Tex mentioned of the Moog circuit intrigues me, tho...what DID it do?
  12. dasherf17

    Pulling Strings After Tuning Down

    I had it suggested by a fellow guitar player in the '70s, too...I thought it was a good idea and when I saw Joe's video (actually a previous VHS video), I feel I was taught something good, all those years ago.
  13. dasherf17

    Pulling Strings After Tuning Down

    Hey...if Joe says to do it...who are we to argue...with a sick mind? His words...I'm just quoting... But seriously, folks (somebody stop me...sorry...) Joe is a guitar hero... I HAVE stretched my strings and it seems to shorten the break-in/retune time. I don't seem to torque on 'em like he...
  14. dasherf17

    Favorite Distortion?

    ...still my Rat...
  15. dasherf17

    Thoughts on this Gibson Logo?

    Anxious to see it when it's far, so good. Nice work!
  16. dasherf17

    '56/'57 Conversion

    Thanks for your input, GT! "The Norlin Years"...isn't that when the SGs markers changed to those mini-blocks? :facepalm: ECH! Not a fan...
  17. dasherf17

    Explorer build - 1958/1963 style

    What a great build! Thank you for sharing, Johan! I look forward to seeing more!
  18. dasherf17

    What is the best Bigsby for LP Special?

    Do they even sound remotely close to a real P90, given the wider footprint? I've seen them offered but always wondered.
  19. dasherf17

    Les Paul's #1 Goes Up For Auction

    Yup, hence my "in glass"...used to be a store in the 'burbs where the owner had one of Leo's Broadcaster/Telecaster (1 of 4?) prototypes in a glass case. He turned down a guy who offered him $4000...came back offering $40,000 (always with the 4s...) and then $400,000! It was a while ago, I'm...

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