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  1. brokentoeswalker

    Tokai Love Rock 124 LSS

    Lol welcome to the rabbit hole. My first MIJ was a tokai DC Jr. Congrats
  2. brokentoeswalker

    New GnR - Hard Skool

    It sounds better because there is only 1 second of vocals in the 16 seconds.
  3. brokentoeswalker

    Greco chambered?!?

    They aren't very common and the ones i've seen with a weight have been diesel burners. It seems like this person dropped the weight down to a more manageable 10 pounds lol. Is it supposed to be Oxblood ?? It seems the MIJ oxbloods always have a green sheen to them now. Its an interesting finish.
  4. brokentoeswalker

    Greco chambered?!?

    Ive seen a lot worse routing than that. id imagine the finish was poly and theres not even a chip. No one sees the back of your guitar. I wouldnt do that myself though. Id just get a lighter guitar.
  5. brokentoeswalker

    Bacchus Vintage Series Live Road

    I'm certainly no expert as i only have 2 of the non serial Live Roads and neither are LP's. I thought that they had lower specs that the serial'd ones that came after though. 2 piece backs and usually poly finished.... do you have pictures ??
  6. brokentoeswalker

    Not to add to your woes, but ...

    Damn . That does looks angry.
  7. brokentoeswalker

    Ebony boards

    I'm pretty sure even Gibson dyes their ebony as well. Its not just the imports. There is something about a jet black ebony board especially on a custom where you are paying a premium.
  8. brokentoeswalker

    Lowball offers - from the buyer's side

    Theres always someone who can be preyed upon or helped along depending on how you look at it. If it wasn't you it would be a pawnshop. I have a friend who did this mercilessly. He had dudes in tears lol. Hey if you wanna play you gotta pay.
  9. brokentoeswalker

    80s Greco EG - weird logo

    I think what looks off is how the guy winds his strings lol. It looks legit to me otherwise.
  10. brokentoeswalker

    80s Greco EG - weird logo

    Here's my '81 to compare
  11. brokentoeswalker

    Guys, I'll be out for a few days..

    Safe travels. Best wishes for your sister.
  12. brokentoeswalker

    RIP Norm McDonald

    Well fuck. There goes another funny Canuck. A Maestro.
  13. brokentoeswalker

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Japan post is not shipping as much as a letter to Canada lol. Not that people still write letters anymore but still. You cant email a guitar.
  14. brokentoeswalker

    What did I buy?

    Congrats !!
  15. brokentoeswalker

    Lefty Greco EGC 600 (?)

    Yours looks to be a Japanese made 1990 model EGC600. I have a right handed model from 1989 and i think its a great axe. I kinda like the different style split diamond too. Mine is Fujigen made and is made out of 4-5 piece top and as many pieces for the back. So light at 8 3/4 pounds i put a Les...
  16. brokentoeswalker

    MIJ les paul mid range collection.. any possible options?

    Too bad you just want les paul. Tons of interesting mij stuff that would look cool on the walls of a Japanese restaurant. I'd suggest Yamaha. They can usually be picked up for a song. Maybe a Joodee ? Aria Pro II ? If they will never be played and are just for decoration you have many...
  17. brokentoeswalker

    Solid or veeneer top question again..

    Maybe it's not even a LS120 ?? Does it have a 120 stamp ?? It is fairly plain Jane.
  18. brokentoeswalker

    Solid or veeneer top question again..

    Here is my '81 LS120.
  19. brokentoeswalker

    Solid or veeneer top question again..

    Tokai's veneers are very thin, l think they had a press or something to get them that thin. It can be very hard to tell. My eyes aren't good enough to see with those pics 100 % but some LS120 from that period are solid flame tops. I have one from '81. They are out there.
  20. brokentoeswalker

    Solid or veeneer top question again..

    Thats a tough one. Do you know the year or are there any more shots of the electronics etc ??

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