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  1. Mike I

    Goodbye California - Hello Florida

    Since I recently retired from the job that brought me out here 26 yrs ago, and the kids are grown and gone, and the cat died, I figure what the hell am I staying here for, when all my family is back east. Nice weather? Yep it's here. But gets a D- on just about everything else. The taxes here...
  2. Mike I

    NGD - '54 ES-125 Artist owned.

    Well, not exactly NG Day. I picked this guy up about 2 months ago, but been away on a job. For a while I had been looking for a 50's ES-125. Then I found out that Luther Dickinson was gonna let his beloved 125 go, that he played extensively during his 7 year tenure with the Black Crowes, and...
  3. Mike I

    NAD - Tweed Blues Jr. LTD

    I've always been curious about these little guys, but never tried one because I normally am not a big fan of EL-84 tubes. I prefer good ol 6V6's or 6L6's in my Fender boxes. So, I'm at the local GC Monday test driving a Gibson J-45, and on the way out one's sitting there plugged in so why not...
  4. Mike I

    NGD - '58 Historic ES-335

    Well this guy arrived last week! Purchased from a senior player in Minnesota. A 2016 Memphis '58 reissue VOS. When it arrived it was set up with 11's, so I like always I cleaned and oiled the fret board, added a little relief to the neck, strung it up with some Gibson Vintage reissue Nickel...
  5. Mike I

    Incoming! Memphis '58 Historic ES-335 VOS

    Just tonight I found one of these guys, and bought it! Should get shipped tomorrow. I've been looking for a good 335. and found it to be a maze out there. My favorite has always been the 58's with their thin top and unbound neck, But way more than I could spend! Then I found out that Memphis...
  6. Mike I

    WTB: Gibson Memphis ES-335 '58 reissue VOS

    I'm looking for a Memphis made 58 ES 335 VOS reissue. These are the ones with the unbound neck..Thanks for looking.
  7. Mike I

    WTB: Pair of 50's P-90 Soapbar pickups

    I'm looking for a good pair of soapbar P-90's from '52-'59. With covers preferred, but fine without. Kindly let me know if you have or know of some. Thanks guys! :thumb:
  8. Mike I

    NVGD - '58 Les Paul Jr.

    Hiya guys! Just had to share this one with ya. Just bought an absolute gem of a Jr. from a fellow MLP member here, @buckwild , and this is quickly becoming my #1. ! 7 Lb, 3 Oz, all original, but currently sports a Mojoaxe tailpiece, and pick guard. Have originals in the case. To my...
  9. Mike I

    WTB - 1956 Gibson ES-125

    Hey guys, I'm on the lookout for a thick body 1956 Gibson ES-125. If you happen to know of one, shoot me a line. Thanks!! M
  10. Mike I

    WTB 1956 Les Paul Jr.

    HI Guys, I'm just putting a feeler out to see if anyone has a 56 Les Paul Jr. they are thinking about moving. I'm not looking for a museum piece, but original pickup and pots are essential. Beat up is ok to some degree also. I plan on going to the Dallas show the end of next month to look...
  11. Mike I

    Great day here today!

    No MSM on TV. I've got Sirius on the big TV, with BB King's Bluesville playing, LOUD! Just got a new Custom Shop Strat about 2 weeks ago, and just ripped out the Josefina pickups that were in there, ( Sounded like they were over wound), and installed a set of, get this, WIZZ 59 single coils...
  12. Mike I

    Anyone here have a Morgan PR12? Thoughts?

    I caught a few YT videos on the Morgan PR12, and it sounds like a sweet little amp. I have a Princeton Reverb, and this is based loosely on that platform, but with bigger trannies, and a dwell for the reverb. Seems to stay a little cleaner longer than the Fender PR. I also have a Fender DR...
  13. Mike I

    NGD, C/S '63 Strat

    Just got this Thursday from Willcutt Guitars. Willcutt commissioned the Fender Custom Shop to build 63 of these modeled off the specs of a vintage 63 they own. The finish is just what I was looking for, and the body has beautiful checking all over. Comes loaded with pup's hand wound by...
  14. Mike I

    WTB: Custom shop S/B Strat, R/W board

    I'm looking for a Sunburst Custom Shop Strat, with dark rosewood board, not heavily reliced. Slight relic ok. Mint green P/G and aged H/W will get my attention! Failing any luck here, I'm currently looking at a new one at Willcutt Guitars in Louisville, but never bought from them before, so...
  15. Mike I

    F/SOT C/S 57 RI Blonde Ash Strat for a S/B Strat

    I have a 2013 One Piece Ash body Mary Kay Fender Custom Shop 57 RI Strat with all the case candy and a tweed case for trade. I'm looking for a Custom Shop 59-63 RI with a dark rosewood fingerboard. No Heavy relics please. Light relic ok. Mint green pickguard a plus. I am the original owner of...
  16. Mike I

    NAD Deluxe Reverb Tone Master

    Over the past 45 years or so I've had a ton of amps, still have a few, and all have been tube amps. Because that's what I grew up with, my dad repaired them, I do and build a few. I sold my 67 Deluxe Reverb last year when I was selling off some amps to fund some guitar buys, but missed it and...
  17. Mike I

    Anyone have or used the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb?

    I've had only tube amps for the past 50 years or so, and have been checking out the new hand wired 64 Deluxe Reverb. I've had MANY original Blackface Fender amps, and love em all. But I have seen a few videos now of the Tone Master DR, and I gotta say, it's impressive. I'm not interested in a...
  18. Mike I

    SOLD F/S Dr. Z Z-Plus 15W 6V6 combo Amp

    For sale is a one month old mint Dr. Z, Z-Plus 15 Watt amp. This amp is very harmonically rich sounding, with great cleans and outstanding overdrive. It has a half power switch that drops one 6V6 out of the circuit, and reduces power to 7 Watts. This is very useful for lower volume overdrive, as...
  19. Mike I

    What has happened to Taylor?

    I bought my first Taylor Acoustic, a 710, new in 1995. Loved it and still do. It has aged nicely and still can get a little chimmy, but has a really nice neck and plays so nice. So last month I decided to buy a new 714CE. Been gassing for one for a long time, and wanted to try the new V class...
  20. Mike I

    Anyone using a Dr. Z Z Plus? Thoughts?

    I'm considering a Z plus that's a few months old that I can get at a pretty decent price. It has the larger ultra lite cab vs the slightly smaller studio cab. It's loaded with the Z-12 speaker made by eminence. I'm currently using my 5e3 Tweed Deluxe and a 65 PRRI, and looking for...

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