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  1. jktxs

    ESP vintage Les Paul collection

    Didn't know ESP had this many vintage LPs. Impressive collection.
  2. jktxs

    NGD! 2005 LQ LP custom

    I had to grab this one as soon as it popped up and wow. What can I say. Get 'em while you can. I've always loved the look of the LQ series because they are closely specced to the Gibson historics. Correct body and headstock shape, split diamond and long neck tenon. This LP custom is supposed to...
  3. jktxs

    2019 custom shop models up on website
  4. jktxs

    Pau ferro?

    So is pau ferro creeping into historics too? Prototype 2019 Goldtop model just in in Japan. Generic, no particular year historic with 'LPSTD' serial Specs say 'Boribian' (Bolivian, lol) rosewood which I'm pretty sure is pau ferro.
  5. jktxs

    1959 reissue Les Paul Custom

    B9 spotted in the wild, has an R9 serial and neck profile. Very cool. Looks like a reincarnation of the older, Grovered B7. Really hope this becomes a regular run!
  6. jktxs

    2018 R0 pricing?

    Some new R0s are up on Japanese sites at R8 prices ($4.9~5k) instead of the usual $6.5k. Has the big G lowered MAP for R0s? 2018 R0 Corduroy burst (link)
  7. jktxs

    NGD! 2018 R8 VOS washed cherry

    Went guitar shopping in Japan, it truly is the mecca of Gibson historics. The density of guitars is mind boggling! I tried out a bunch of 2018s only to find that the small frets weren't really my thing. Luckily 2017-ish specced 2018 models are there if you look around. Here's what I ended up...
  8. jktxs

    historic lp custom truss rod cover

    Does Gibson sell replacements? The only one I can find is the one on modern customs.
  9. jktxs

    digimart R9 weight tests

    For those of you who haven't seen them, digimart tested a bunch of R9s to see if weight affects tone. The first test compares R9s of varying weights, plus a semi-hollowbody Les Paul. Same amp, same licks. Test 2 features two R9s of identical weights. Test 3 compares two R9s of identical...

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