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  1. Jymbopalyse

    METALLICA Covers

  2. Jymbopalyse

    R I P Cookie Monsta

    RIP Dubstep DJ Tony ‘Cookie Monsta’ Cook dead at 31 Our beloved Tony Cook (aka Cookie Monsta) has left us,”
  3. Jymbopalyse

    Recommend a BMP Counter for my iPhone

    Is anyone out there using a BPM counter on their iPhone that they can recommend. I have tried many of the "Free" ones out there . . but they don't actually exist. They end up being a programmable beat per minute then you can make an IN APP PURCHASE to get the counter. Reviews on the...
  4. Jymbopalyse

    Where Are the Stickies

    What happened to all the useful stickies. ??? :dunno: I see from this sub-forum, they are still possible. The Front Desk seems the appropriate place to ask. Enquiring minds want to know.
  5. Jymbopalyse

    I'm a Gay Chicken

    Here I am. Minding my own damn business. Eating my chicken strips. and this pops out I didn't know chickens had dicks. Tasted good with honey mustard sauce. Yum
  6. Jymbopalyse

    Using XLR with Stereo Signal Input (HELP)

    Hi all, I'm trying to wrap my head around the balanced XLR input my PA and FRFR have. The input is actually a dual XLR/TRS plug. Can I use and plug the TRS into a stereo headphone output then plug the XLR into the FRFR and expect that the stereo signal will resolve to mono. I'm pretty...
  7. Jymbopalyse

    Joe B - One of the Decades BEST Guitar Players

    There you have it. Had Joe Bonamassa done nothing over the past decade other than function as the 21st century six-stringer most responsible for keeping the blues alive (he even has his own annual cruise named exactly that), it’d be enough to land him on this list. But beyond the actual...
  8. Jymbopalyse

    Anyone using the HeadRush FRFR

    Anyone Use the HeadRush FRFR There was a thread back in 2018 talking about them coming out, but no one chimed in with any working reviews. I’m looking at getting a HeadRush FRFR for use in my living room practice area. Currently I am using a pair of 10”powered PA and 10”powered subs...
  9. Jymbopalyse

    Anyone use CAFM software

    Our company has gone from simply leasing warehouse/office space to full fledged Property Management. Our maintenance lead is suggesting we use Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software. My initial peek into looking what is available showed me that there are more choices out there then...
  10. Jymbopalyse

    Cheap Mic Suggestions

    Since my buddy got married and we don't jam anymore I've been checking out Craigs List and jamming with other random people. I really don't have room at my place to host a jam session so I've always gone out. Well. I've got a crap ton of stuff just sitting collecting dust so I said, fuckit...
  11. Jymbopalyse

    Don't See This Often

    I was looking through one of our local news rags and stumbled across an article about a Canadian luthier. In this day and age it was nice to actually read a heart felt, interesting story, in the news...
  12. Jymbopalyse

    School Me on Garageband for iPhone

    My boss likes Apple products so as of today we are now 100% iPhone and iPad integrated. I have been supporting iPhones for a number of years now at work, so it's not a shock, but now I have to use one. I now have an iPhone7 :( , it only has the lightning port, no 1/8 inch aux jack. That...
  13. Jymbopalyse

    Fixability of a separating bridge ??

    My aunt & uncle are making a move from their large house to a much smaller apartment and are purging lots o' shit. My uncle passed on to me an old Yamaki 12 string acoustic that has been sitting under a bed in a cheap gig bag for about 20 years. I tuned it up with the old strings that were...
  14. Jymbopalyse

    Instagram IS A JOB

    Instagram 'influencer' implodes, doesn't 'like' changes to platform Never mind the Middle East, refugees, hunger and aggressive moves by Russia and China. Let’s tackle real problems first. Like the so-called social media “influencer” who is moaning that Instagram putting the kibosh on...
  15. Jymbopalyse

    Cinema Strangiato

    RUSH fans will gravitate to that thread title. Good advertising. Posting this was a PAIN. Ooooops and Resources and all :(
  16. Jymbopalyse

    Recreational Torturing of Men

    Ottawa woman facing dangerous offender hearing apologizes over 'recreational' kidnapping, torturing of men. This isn't the Onion. It's Canadian News. Laura Brahaney has finally apologized for her...
  17. Jymbopalyse

    Firkin Keyboard Players

    Sound engineer inadvertently got high on LSD for NINE HOURS after he touched a 1960s synthesizer coated in the drug decades ago and ingested it through his skin A Broadcast Operations Manager for a local California CBS News station tripped out after touching LSD left on a synthesizer from the...
  18. Jymbopalyse

    WTF Is Wrong With People

    I'm done with this human race. I've been away from 'the news' for awhile, so out of curiosity, I open up a news feed and here are 4 or the 7 items I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. Koalas are now functionally extinct. Pregnant teens baby cut from body. BUT - then they go further to dub the killer," the...
  19. Jymbopalyse

    How to Make Ecstasy 101

    Japanese science university professor taught students how to make ecstasy In North America we seem to have an issue with many many of our female teachers being caught having sexy time with students. In Japan . . A 61-year-old science college professor in Japan channeled his inner Walter...
  20. Jymbopalyse

    What is MUSIC

    Is Rap or Dub Step music ?? Now, I'm not starting this /thread to dump on, and trash, Rap or Dub Step. Or anything else for that matter. We can talk likes or dislikes in another /thread. this is just about . . . Is it music ?? Right out of the starting gate, I want to make mention of...

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