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    Benjamin Tod

    Have any of you ever listened to him? I may have posted this before but not long after Jake died I was letting youtube just randomly go from video to video and his song USING AGAIN came on. Hit me like a truck. I played it at least 10 times back to back... grabbed a guitar and learned it. I...

    New (old)amp

    I posted a while back about selling my hot rod deluxe amp and later the guy wanting to sell it back to me. He messaged me, having woman troubles (pretty bad) and saying he was moving to KY and needed money. I told him that he gave me $400 over 5 years ago so I thought $200 was fair since he had...

    I can't believe it didn't fall

    I am not sure I can adequately describe how rotten this thing is /was. My brother is friends with a guy who owns a tree service. This guy was dropping g off a load of wood to my son next door so I asked if he could look at a tree on my property that looked to be splitting. He said "YEP THAT...

    If you were buying a les paul style

    I have the itch for a new guitar. I have too many acoustics and only 2 electrics. A strat and a Tele both of which I built. I think I want a les paul. I have owned a few in the past both gibson and epiphone. Would you guys 100% stick to those or are there some other lower priced ones that you...

    Question for the singers

    Recently, I have been losing my voice, or rather PART of my voice during gigs. My last 3 gigs (I canceled the 4th) my voice starts getting really raspy about halfway through. And even during my demos just talking it gets that way about 15 mins into the demo. It's mainly the lower register when...

    What I have been doing

    My wife and I 4 months ago And a month and a half ago

    Would any of you happen to play mandolin?

    Or know someone who does? I was gifted a very nice Eastman oval hole mandolin yesterday . I want to add a pickup to it (internal) and thought maybe one of you might have some first hand experience. My Luthier said he has never heard a good one... every review online is great and awful for the...

    What do you do?

    This is a question for anyone performing live are playing to a VERY small crowd (older folks)...... they ask you to turn the volume down. Manager is standing there, looks at you and shakes her head no and mouths IT'S FINE. I waited until the manager went inside and turned down a...

    Just a band video..THE ROGUES


    Xvive u4 in ears

    I have a shure in ear that I bought used. The belt clip was broken off the reciever and a huge paperclip black taped on but they worked. My last couple of gigs they started making a "popping" and hissing sound. I don't know exactly how to describe it but think.of the old flashbulbs (anyone...

    Most embarrassing stage moment

    What are some embarrassing stage moments for you guys that gig? I had one happen Saturday. There was a band following me. I was playing to NO ONE except the band waiting, my wife and maybe 3 people. I wrote a pretty decent song called MY HAT MAKES ME COUNTRY and I intro the song by talking...

    Everyone probably already knows this

    But in case some doesn't I just bought one of these. Used it for the first time today. Plugged my pedal board right into it. I can't believe how much air this moves and is very quiet. Air flow can be adjusted up and down.

    Down 56 pounds

    Went back on keto for one month lost 10 pounds. Found Dr. KEN BERRY and followed his "extreme weight loss hack" lost 30 pounds the first month... 16 pounds the second month. Wife has been doing it for a month and weight is just falling off of her. Other than injuries I feel better than I have in...


    Played another outside gig today. Again on Saint Mary's lake. Recent storm tore their big canopy down so just blaring sun on a cement pad. I was under a pop up canopy. It was so hot no one was out there (AC inside) was supposed to play 4 hours but about 3 hours in I had drank 8 bottles of water...

    I don't like outside gigs

    I am scheduled to play tomorrow and Sunday outside. Neither venue has the ability to move inside if it rains. Supposed to just POUR all day tomorrow.

    Monday night fun

    As you guys know I am a salesman. I deal pretty much exclusively with amish people. Monday night I had a demo and during the demo someone asked me if I had another job and I told em I played music. The mom of the bunch said "HE HAS A GUITAR, WILL YOU PLAY IT" So I played a couple of songs for...

    Another young man gone

    You guys know I posted about my young friend who died in a motorcycle wreck a few years back . His older brother died this morning after a long fight with cancer. He was a husband and father and a really good guy. My oldest sons good friend for many years....basically since kindergarten. It...

    A clean guitar

    Is a happy guitar 8-) . I cleaned my Taylor and the strat. Strat was just fungulous nasty. Feels like a new guitar....Taylor had dried sweat all over it.... playing 2 hours tomorrow opening for a local band.

    Grand daughter and Butch the bulldog


    Playing just for fun

    Lately I have been to the point I am playing at gigs....practicing with the band for gigs....or working on new songs for my solo stuff. I have not just set down and played for the fun of it. A couple of weeks ago my brother called me and asked what I was doing and if my guitar was tuned up. I...

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