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  1. Scooter2112

    Military recruitment 2021 Be all that you can be!
  2. Scooter2112

    Awesome sauce...and much respect!!
  3. Scooter2112

    Heads up, Malikon. This is YOUR island, after all.

    Apparently, there are 10's of thousands of female porn stars in Japan, and only about 70 male porn stars. Better get crackin', young man. Report back when you get a chance. :laugh2: ....if you need a wingman.... :wave:
  4. Scooter2112

    Remote Commencement Speech...WTF? LOL

  5. Scooter2112

    Next installment in the Joker series

    Good old Madge would be my pick to play the next Joker....
  6. Scooter2112

  7. Scooter2112

    For those without kids....Common Core BS F'ing disgraceful.
  8. Scooter2112

    Any certified pilots here?

    Looking for information from licensed pilots on the process necessary to get licensed, and training/protocol involved in that process. Personal background: I've been mildly interested in pursuing this over the years, but never put that into action. Ever since taking a flight on a private jet...
  9. Scooter2112

    It Takes A Village

    ...until it doesn't. Oh snap!!
  10. Scooter2112

    Legator guitars ??? Is anyone familiar with these guitars, and what can you tell me about them?
  11. Scooter2112

    NOT a tranny thread Ok..just one more.
  12. Scooter2112

    New Chappelle standup on Netflix

    Anti-PC, controversial. Not well reviewed in most cases, but consider the source. It starts off a little quirky, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the guy! :dude:
  13. Scooter2112

    Get your Friday on!

  14. Scooter2112

    "What's in your wallet?" Or in this case, Mommy pocket. What a convenient storage device. I'm wondering what else has been found...up there? o_O
  15. Scooter2112

    Retail trolling Oofah! :shock:
  16. Scooter2112

    My new favorite sport!!

    I could watch this $hit all day long. :dude:
  17. Scooter2112

    Paris is Burning

    Seriously. What is going on over there?
  18. Scooter2112

    The Mule - new Clint Eastwood

    I'm not much of a movie buff, but Clint Eastwood movies always seem brilliant to me. Million Dollar Baby blew me away when I saw it for the first time a year or two ago, then I happened to watch Gran Torino and Trouble With the Curve back to back a couple of weeks ago. GD, this guy is brilliant...
  19. Scooter2112

    Cheeky movies you can't help but watch

    Inspired by the Top Gun thread... Name those average to well below average movies that are so cheeky, crappy, or just plain ridiculous that you can't help but watch more than once. They tend to have their obscure attraction, for whatever reason, that you willfully subject to being drawn in to...

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