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  1. cooljuk

    Pete Thorn's Massive VH and VHII Pickup Comparison

    Pete Thorn and Dave Friedman did a killer breakdown of Ed's Marshall sound, a while back. Then, a new and old 12AX7 comparison, followed by a new and old EL34 comparison. Well, these keep getting more and more detailed. Now, Pete's posted up a massive EVH pickup comparison, showing off a bunch...
  2. cooljuk

    Got a 70s Creamback? Maybe 70s Greenbacks? (WTB T1221 speakers)

    I'm short one 1970s creamback. M magnet 75Hz. Got one to spare? I'm also looking for the same in original Pulsonic cone greenbacks in good shape. One, three, a whole cab's worth, with/without the cabinet, etc. Whatever. I'm open to options. Buying green and cream G12Ms, here!
  3. cooljuk

    WTB 1972 or earlier Marshall G12M T1221 greenback 4x12 cabinet

    Ideally, I'm looking for a nice clean example of a straight cab from 1970-1972. However, I'm open to the right deal on any original Pulsonic cone T1221 greenback 4x12 Marshall cabs. Not interested in recones, reissues, bad recovers, poorly replaced grills, speakers with rub, or cabs from folks...
  4. cooljuk

    Here's What Coil Rub Sounds Like...

    This early 1970s Marshall cab recently came into the shop and has speakers that range from no rub to just terrible rub. I shot a couple videos to show the differences. I wasn't sure if the phone camera was going to pick up the individual speakers well but it actually came through very obviously...
  5. cooljuk

    Bias Meter Build - Benchtop / Rack Mount / Overkill

    In keeping with the trend of my variable isolated power supply build, I'm crafting myself a fancy bias metering tool. I've repaired my 10 year old and discontinued Weber Bias Rite about a dozen times. I've also never really loved it. It has some inherent flaws... I can only see voltage OR...
  6. cooljuk

    Heads up - fake PAF parts on Reverb

    None of you good folks go and throw your money away on this one... There's nothing correct in that lot. The wax covered magnets and tapered pole screws should be a clue to most looking...
  7. cooljuk

    "Not All PAFs were good" ...really?

    The “Dog PAF” Theory Many of us have heard this one before. "PAFs were random." or "Some sounded good but some sounded like crap." I've heard it myself from those who suppose to be authoritative experts. I'm always open to finding something new, which regularly happens with McCarty-era Gibson...
  8. cooljuk

    WTB - late 1960s to mid 1970s Marshall 4X12 cabs, T1221 or T1281 speakers

    Howdy folks - I'm after a few more 4x12 cabs... Primarily, one with Pulsonic cone T1221 speakers (that's M magnet / 75Hz) from 1970-1973. Bottom cab in good condition, ideally. I'm also open to ANY Marshall 4X12 up to 1977 with T1221 (that's M magnet / 75Hz) or T1281 (that's H magnet / 55Hz)...
  9. cooljuk

    Variable Isolated Bench AC Power Supply Build

    This is NOT a how-to! I'm a hack. Don't do this. ...but feel free to follow along in my foley and help me if I go down a dark road. Perhaps you may have seen my post that's something of a prequel thread to this one: Your red Chinese variac is a death trap I had considered using the core of...
  10. cooljuk

    Hey British dudes... er, I mean "blokes"... Help me translate English to English

    What do you call these things in the UK? ...or anywhere in EU, for that matter? Here in The States, us treasonous colonists call them a "tube caddy" but I know a "tube" is a "valve" across the ocean. I need another one of these storage/transport boxes. Already got an RCA one so I thought I'd...
  11. cooljuk

    Your red Chinese variac is a death trap

    I knew these were junk and poorly constructed. ...but I didn't realize how much so until I took mine apart beyond just a peak inside. I started off with a plan to remove the core from mine and use it in another power supply project. Those meters are HUGE and it's going to be an awesome power...
  12. cooljuk

    How To Properly Splice or Extend A Vintage Humbucker Lead

    I've seen a ton a bad splice jobs. They can cause intermittent problems, shorts, noise, trouble fishing the hookup lead back through the body route, and other problems, as well as generally looking ugly and devaluing the pickup. Here's a quick guide on how I do it to leave a nice clean look, a...
  13. cooljuk

    A Guide To Checking Bobbin Colors Without Removing Covers

    We've all seen it, heard it, or done it. "I only took the cover off to check the bobbin color" or "should I take the cover off to see if this pickup is a double cream or zebra?" There are plenty of eBay and Reverb listings of beautiful vintage humbuckers, which only had the covers removed to...
  14. cooljuk

    Can You Tell Vintage PAF Pole Screws From Fakes?

    Just for fun. Give it a whirl. Whatcha think?
  15. cooljuk

    I am NOT a robot!

    Click all the chimneys. Click all the bicycles. Click all the crosswalks. Click all the tractors. Click all the busses. I'm so sick of it! About a month ago, something changed with PayPal. Now, I'm constantly having to take their "click the pictures" tests every time I log in. Before, it was...
  16. cooljuk

    WTB - early 70's Marshall parts for restoration

    I'm wrapping up this 1972 Super Lead restoration using original parts. The final missing pieces I need are: A bit of the original colored hookup wire: I need black, brown, blue, green, yellow and the mighty pink. Not much. Maybe someone can spare some scrap? Two of the .22uF 1kv snubber...
  17. cooljuk

    WTB - Marshall Impedance Selector - Window Type

    I need the whole thing. Not just the replica cover that vendors commonly sell. An original. Used is cool, as long as it's in decent shape. Does anyone know the manufacturer of these? Might help me source one to know who made it. The one above is for sale on UK eBay but the seller doesn't...
  18. cooljuk

    Recommend a Desoldering Station

    After nine years of working for myself, soldering nearly every day of that time, and with a hefty dose of repair work as part of my tasks, and even more electronics work as a hobby on the side, I'm truly embarrassed to say that I've not owned a proper desoldering station that entire time. I've...
  19. cooljuk

    1972 Super Lead, The Restoration

    Blurry front photo only and no description. I'm always telling people to leave those alone and here I went and did it myself, again. Here's hoping I don't get a box of broken 1980's video game parts! You guys are guaranteed some entertainment, at least. :thumb:
  20. cooljuk

    1970's Iskra resistors

    My main source is dried up on a several key values. Other sources are asking $10-15 each, even in bulk, plus slow and expensive international shipping. I want to keep the real deal on hand for original replacements, including some present projects, but it's starting to hurt for something that's...

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