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    New Rockumentary film

    Hi guys please check out the new promo for the film 7 Lox Rok, which I'm the lead guitarist in. I doing all the music in this also.
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    Gibson Es 330 t 1962

    Gibson Es 330 t 1962 just a few pics love this thing is well worn, but sounds nice has humbucker, but I have a 60s p90 waiting to be put in. Think it would sound better. But is a cool vintage Gibson
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    Gibson les paul Alex Lifson

    Just a few pics of the Gibson lp Lifeson, very impresed with this nice variations with the piezo, and the floyd is cool. Love the top on this is pretty nice. Digging jamming all those Rush songs, wish I had this when I was 16 in my Rush tribute.
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    NGD Gibson les paul Bill Nash

    NGD Gibson les paul Bill Nash Hi guys I just got this its 2010 Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Bill Nash, from the moment I saw the guitar I knew it had to be good. When I tried it I was very impressed, the tone is great warm and smooth and the neck is not to thin not to fat, i like big...
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    NGD Gibson Es 125 Tdc

    Gibson Es 125 Tdc 1966 Just got this recently very cool guitar, has lots of checking and wear. Sounds cool to great for blues and stuff. Its a 1966 has great vibe. I love old Gibsons. Very easy to play kinda a small neck profile but thats ok, the color is really nice and has aged great over...
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    NGD Gibson lp 1952 tribute

    Hi guys just got this a lil while ago, very impressed with this Gibson tribute, love the neck profile and pickups sounds nice and warm. Gibson 1952 les paul tribute goldtop - YouTube
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    Cool video

    Snake Eyes The Wizards Curse check this out The Wizards Curse - YouTube
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    Randall NB KING 100 head

    Randall NB KING 100 head I just got this head in the last few weeks. I wanted something totally different and like it alot. It looks so cool like an old radio or something. I did not try and paly anything fancy in the video, it was late at night so I could not turn it up. This model was used...
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    Gibson les paul pre Historic 60 reissue

    Gibson les paul pre Historic 60 reissue flametop, just a lil video of the guitar. I first thought it was a Historic but someone said it was not, I dont really care now if it is one. Its just a sweet reissue that has a wide curly top. Gibson les paul pre historic 60s reissue Predator - YouTube
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    NGD Gibson lp deluxe 1974

    Got this recently Gibson 1974 lp deluxe all orig even has warranty card orig case. Is in nice cond nice neck not to fat but alot there. It sounds and plays great. I love Deluxes they have just a certain sound with the mini humbuckers that I like.
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    Gibson Canadian Edition 58 Les Paul VOS

    I just picked up the Gibson Canadian edition 58 les paul. I gotta say this guitar impressed me alot, even with the fat neck I love it. The guitar has has tons of tone and a big sound and alot of sustain. I like the color and finsh to, this thing is a tone monster. Glad I found it, it really...
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    hello from the Uk

    Hello from the UK, I have many Gibson lp and other guitars. A few form the 60s and some from the 70s, Historics etc. I love Gibsons and also like other makes to. I do read alot on here but dont always have time to post, will try though.

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