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    1 lb of beef, no burger no taco - what do you do

    You have 1 lb of extra lean ground beef you have to cook today. Burgers are arbitrarily excluded and you don’t have “taco seasoning” or crispy tortillashells. What do you make?
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    Two note cabs- transferable ownership?

    Anyone know whether it’s possible to transfer the license for a purchased two notes DynIR cab to another owner? I find a page saying the free giveaway ones cannot be, but not specifically than none of them can
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    Radioactive water in Florida prompts evacuation

    Looks like radioactive wastewater is in danger of spilling in Manatee county and the area is being evacuated. Up to 20 foot waves of “radioactive”, heavymetal filled water contaminated with phosphogypsum could be released. Seems almost too sci-fi to be true but multiple news sources report...
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    Nothing to see here

    Everything puttering along now nothing to see here.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope you all have a safe and happy thanksgiving today! Even if you’re not American and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving! We’re not able to do the big get-together this year so we’re keeping the meal smaller too. Gonna roast a chicken and broil some steaks instead of doing a turkey and a ham...
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    15 pedals plus - what pedal boards are you using

    What pedal boards are you using these days for your loads of full size pedals?
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    Good movie poster frame

    I’ve got an original one sheet that’s lived shrink wrapped to a cardboard backer since it came down from the theatre and I bought it in a gouging memorabilia shop 24 years ago, and I’d like a frame that’s good enough to keep it safe and actually hang it on the wall. Over time the cardboard has...
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    Gamers - steam not recognizing Xbox controller?

    Trying to set up an Xbox elite 2 controller for steam on a Mac. It’s supposed to be plug and play, and the controller is detected and transmits to the computer both wirelessly and plugged in, but steam just refuses to recognize any connected controller. Have done power cycles Tried...
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    Warmoth Telecaster "build"

    Unfortunately for my wallet I realized early Sunday morning Warmoth have now re-opened their check out, so I snagged the body I'd had my eye on, and a roasted maple neck to go with it. Shipping disclaimer says it'll take them several more weeks than usual - OK by me, it's probably going to...
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    NBA Season suspended

    Apparently someone on the Jazz tested positive, now the entire rest of the NBA season is cancelled.
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    Apparently the voice of Charlie Brown just got released from prison. Hope he turns it around for himself now. I didn’t even know he was locked up!
  14. rabidhamster

    Happy sock day you sock puppets!!!!

    Happy sock day all you sock puppets!!!! You know who you are! We know who you are! There’s nothing that smells quite like a sock.
  15. rabidhamster

    Tacos aren’t the end of the world!

    I’m considering adding a few new tacos to the herd. What do you recommend?
  16. rabidhamster

    Power supply smoked out

    Powered on the computer this morning, and was greeted by a loud BRRRZZZz noise, similar to when a powered speaker systems input cable is unplugged and touching something metal. But there were no speakers around. Then acrid smoke started pouring out the back of the computer. Yanked the power...
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    Ive had a melody for a song stuck in my head 4 days, cant figure out what it is

    I've had this melody for a song stuck in my head about 4 days, I dont really know the lyrics just the melody. Its also a trance tune, I guess, maybe EDM or something, basically electronic pop with a high pitch voiced singer, so none of my usual suspects can help me. I swear I'm about to...
  18. rabidhamster

    Deleted emails and no undo

    Today word came down we’re not allowed to have ANY organizational folders for our emails. EVERYTHING has to be in the one main folder - good luck reading the 100+ emails you have to look at a day and prioritizing. And for some reason I decided to follow the new stupid micromanaging rule. So...
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    Happy St. Patricks day!

    Happy St. Patricks Day to you! I hope you have a great one! I hope you'll all be kind and pleasant and have a fun time. And if you do happen to get your self fall down drunk, I hope you'll still make sure you don't hurt anyone. And if you do hurt anyone, I hope you only hurt yourself...
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    CBD Buds

    CBDs ermregherrd

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