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  1. RocketKing

    Some mods to my 2014 Traditional. Rewind, Faber, Creamtone content

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd share some pictures with you guys. I decided in spring that the time had come to change a few things with my les paul. Nothing inherently wrong with the guitar. Weight just over 4kg and acoustically resonant, just like I like'em. But I wanted to change the wiring...
  2. RocketKing

    59 tributes + 50s wiring. What value caps?

    Hi everyone. I've been considering to upgrade my wiring harness, on a 2014 les paul traditional, to 50's wiring. I've read a lot of threads om this great forum and I think I'll go for vitamin q caps i like what I read about them. I know some people say that pio's and such make no difference...
  3. RocketKing

    My Gibson es 339 volume pot taper

    Hello everyone I own a completely stock 2014 Es 339, Gibson not epiphone. With overdrive and volume at 10 I get a completely clean sound on 7. To get a comparable clean up on my equally stock 2014 Gibson les paul traditional i have to turn down to 3. On the Es between 1 and 2 I have zero sound...
  4. RocketKing

    NGD ! HCS Les Paul Traditional content

    Hello everyone, after I've been lurking around here for over a year I can finally post my very own NGD, a Les paul Traditional in Heritage cherry sunburst 2014 model. I've wanted a Les Paul since 2008/09. Since I started playing guitar basically. I first started with an old battered Yamaha...

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