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    Nut slot files, need recommendations

    I agree totally with what is said here. My nut files were purchased eons ago from Stew-Mac's paper catalog. (That should tell you how old they are.). Since then I have used them on nuts made of brass, aluminum, bone, micarta, and rosewood from an ancient steak knife handle. (Rosewood, that's...
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    Pick guard damage

    I don't believe this scar can be buffed out. It looks like the finish has chipped out down to the bare wood, and what is required is a drop-fill with either lacquer or super glue, then sanding to level the fill and buffing to revive the gloss finish. A pro with experience and the right...
  3. M to remove crazy glue off nitro finish?

    I have read in at least three different repair books that super glue melts into nitro and becomes part of the finish. This is not first hand experience, since I would not use lacquer for any reason. (If you want to know why, just google Chris Derrig, who died at about age 32.). I believe the...
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    Hendrix and a Les paul?? What did we miss

    I just finished reading Electric Gypsy, a 600-page bio of Jimi. I feel that whatever he would be using, it would have to have a whammy bar, and that he would be leading a 20-piece ensemble, incorporating a dozen new styles into his music, including grunge, reggae and hip-hop. And no matter...
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    Guitar Nut

    Most guitars ship from the factory with the string height too high at the nut. Economics are involved, but there is also the factor that a heavy-handed picker might cause buzzing, which will usually kill a sale in a music store. Music stores could take the time to set up the nut slots before...
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    Looking to try some new strings

    For ages I used the EB Slinkys in the lime green pack, substituting an .011 for the high E string. Lately, with arthritis and old age creeping in I've gone to the Hybrid Slinkys in the orange pack, substituting an .014 for the g-string, because I play in G and E a lot. This makes bending near...
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    "Not All PAFs were good" ...really?

    OP, you make a number of good points. It's been decades since I've had my hands on a PAF-loaded guitar. My brother had an ES-175 with a single PAF and a 335 with a pair of them. These guitars were probably made in about 1957 or so, and they were both pretty sweet sounding guitars. We played...
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    ES335 Possible Neck repair?

    I stand by my earlier position: once a fingerboard has shrunk to the point where the fret ends are splitting the binding or starting to push it off the neck, you have a real problem on your hands. Wood gains moisture primarily through its end grain, which on the guitar that the OP was asking...
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    Potential wiring issue? LP 60’s STD

    If this was my guitar I would check out the pickup selector before ripping into the control cavity. Make a short jumper by soldering a small alligator clip to both ends of a short piece of insulated single conductor wire. This wire only needs to be about four inches long. Remove the cover...
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    ES335 Possible Neck repair?

    The reason I dislike the term is that it is often accompanied in posts with terms like "normal" and "no big deal." It is a very big deal. Your playing surface is shrinking, and your binding can crack or get pushed right off the neck. If it's severe enough it can end up needing replacement of...
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    ES335 Possible Neck repair?

    The cracks in the binding have nothing to do with the fret ends, as they are located at the side dots, in between the frets. The reason for these cracks is that the binding is shrinking faster than the side dots. Something's got to give, and in this case the binding is starting to split. Most...
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    ES335 Possible Neck repair?

    I've seen lots of guitars from various makers that sport that red (or maybe brown) edging on the binding. It's just tinted lacquer, nothing to worry about. But I did notice, if you look very closely, that the binding appears to have faint vertical cracking at the center and left-hand side...
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    Scale Length and string tension - at what point can you feel it

    Wow, Lester, it sounds like you've got your act together and measured everything down to the micron. I admit I was not familiar with the details of your Epiphone, not knowing that it has a one-piece combo bridge/tailpiece. Here is one more thought: the longer the length of string between the...
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    Scale Length and string tension - at what point can you feel it

    Scale length is not the distance from the nut to the bridge saddles. To find your scale length measure down the exact center of the neck to the middle of the twelfth fret, then multiply by two. (I know you know this, but some players take it on faith that the bridge is properly located.). Lots...
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    Out of phase neck pickup

    ARandall, you hit the nail on the head. Pickups that are electronically out of phase will produce the same effect no matter the distance between them. Pickups that are magnetically out of phase will have a different amount of honkiness based on the distance, because of the greater interaction...
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    Les Paul G string dull when played open

    Blouie: First check that your neck has the proper relief. About .008 to .010 inches around the eight fret is pretty standard. If that is correct try changing the string. I believe Gibson still slots their saddles by hitting the strings with a plastic hammer and this tends to crunch the...
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    Not how you run a retail store (pants rants)

    Perfect lesson on how not to treat customers, especially if you are a struggling brick-and-mortar outfit. Recently, someone I ordered strings from online misused my Visa card number and subscribed to Spotify, courtesy of my wife and me. Baby Cat called to dispute the charge and have a new card...
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    I got a problem

    If that is seen as a problem I'd be happy to take her off your hands and add her to my collection of "problems."
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    To hell with what other people think. The only thing that matters here is what you like.

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