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  1. moff40

    LP Recording, Personal, and Professional

    Something that came up in conversation today that perhaps some of the experts can help out on. We were discussing Terry Kath's LP, and what model it was. Depending on the source or article, it has been reported to have been a "Recording", a "Professional", or a "Personal". All three were...
  2. moff40

    Illegal Immigration

    I just saw this and thought, "exactly"....
  3. moff40

    River Dance?

    Someone just sent this link to me. It all makes sense now... How Irish Dancing Got Started - YouTube
  4. moff40

    Chicago Tribute Sample

    A couple of weeks ago, JesseNoah and I were discussing tribute bands and so on, and in that conversation, he expressed an interest in hearing a bit of the Chicago tribute band I've been playing with. Some of the rest of you might also be interested in hearing it as well, so I've added a link to...
  5. moff40

    Strange discovery - need advice

    I picked up an Ibanez RG550 the other day. Yes, I know, it's a pointy guitar that I would normally hate, but I wanted a Floyd Rose, and it was cheaper to buy this whole guitar (with an original Edge trem) than a used Floyd. Anyway, after getting it home, I noticed something interesting: the...
  6. moff40

    NGD - Pointy Ibanez - never thought I'd own one...

    I play a lot of different stuff, and lately, I've been doing songs that really need a whammy bar. My Strat has a trem, and with a Tremsetter, it's pretty stable, but I really prefer that guitar's tone with the bridge tightened right down (AKA "blocked" or "decked"). So I've been making do...
  7. moff40

    WTB Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro

    The title says it all. I'm presently using an FCB1010 with my 11 Rack, and I hate it; the silent switches are awful, and the pedals just don't feel right. I'm looking for a pre-owned Ground Control Pro, working and in decent shape.
  8. moff40

    Amps for sale (Canada)

    I posted this in the Canada Sellers thread, but I didn't want to limit my market :). All buyers will pay actual shipping (maybe rounded up to the next $10 mark). I'd like to see this stuff either sell locally or sell to someone here at MLP, rather than going to FleaBay. Since buying a Mesa...
  9. moff40

    New Eleven Rack

    OK. I admit it, I'm a gear whore. I have a whack of guitars, amps, and drum kits. I've gone well beyond buying "tools" so I can work... Is there a 12-step program for this? I've been doing a lot of gigs lately where I've been using my in-ears, and I'll be starting another gig in the next...
  10. moff40

    A little humour...

    Here's a joke I found fitting: Three guys end up at the Pearly Gates... "What did you do on Earth?", St. Peter asks the first. "I was a surgeon. I helped the lame to walk", was the reply. "Well, go right on in through the Pearly Gates" St. Peter asks the second, "What did you do on...
  11. moff40

    Carpal Tunnel Surgery

    Well, I just got back from having a "carpal tunnel release" procedure done on my right hand. I'm a lefty, so its my neck hand. Has anybody here had the procedure done, and how soon were you able to play again? Any stories (both good and bad)?
  12. moff40

    Tape on the pickup...?

    I have a question... Why would people put tape over the polepiece on a Strat-style guitar? Being a fan of the band Chicago, I own a few live videos, dating from the late-'80s/early '90s to now. In the videos, both previous guitarist DaWayne Bailey and the current guitarist Keith Howland...
  13. moff40

    Dumb Question NOS Bees

    This is probably a dumb question. I've got a pair of NOS Bees coming, and though I think it probably doesn't matter, I thought I'd just ask to be sure: Do I need to be concerned about polarity when installing them?
  14. moff40

    The Official Random Silliness Thread

    We're all being a bit goofy today, so let 'er rip, guys and gals. Post whatever "stream of conscienceness" silliness you want. 1-2-3-GO!
  15. moff40

    WHat happened to the guitar> cord> amp thread?

    Just curious as to what happened to the thread. Did people start getting more unruly than usual? I was following it, getting great amusement from it, and then one morning it was gone...
  16. moff40

    F/S Lefty 2008 Traditional Plus

    I've posted this in the "Canada Sellers Thread", and the "Gibson Les Pauls" forum, so I suppose one more can't hurt... I really want to pick up a Mesa Mark V, so in order for the wife NOT to kill me, I need to get rid of some stuff. Buyer pays actual shipping by their mode of choice (either...
  17. moff40

    F/S Lefty 2008 Traditional Plus Top

    It's in Canada, but I will ship to USA...
  18. moff40

    73 Deluxe GT on Ebay

    Anybody looking for a Deluxe Goldtop? Vintage '73 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop Relic w/case on (item 270615728908 end time 07-Aug-10 12:53:44 EDT)
  19. moff40

    WTB - Lefty Rickenbacker 620

    I'm jonesing for a lefty Rickenbacker 620. Colour not important, but I'd prefer JetGLo (black) or Midnight Blue. If you have one for sale\trade, or know someone who does, PM me. Thanks.
  20. moff40

    Extracted vocal tracks with re-recorded backing tracks

    Duplicate.... Delete please

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