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  1. bungle

    Inlay routs..

    R9 headstock. do they actually fill all that? Just wondering if this common, seems it could be leveled much better.
  2. bungle

    82 Custom? Hmm

    :squint:What this be? Dot inlays, gold hardware binding & script headstock. A tad clowny. I’m out of town working or I would go check it out.
  3. bungle

    R8 has joined the family

    Start with a pic because. What can I say? Super happy with this guitar. Came from a player and is super comfy, broke in like. Little bit of natural mojo. Pick ups were replaced with Whole lot of Humbuckers which are a great improvement on the Burstbucker 1&2’s. Never really been happy with the...
  4. bungle

    NGD 2 of 3 Matsumoku awesomeness

    Another recent acquisition.:dunno: My first decent guitar was a Vantage VS-600. Still play the hell out of it to this day. This is a VA-810 2nd from top of the line. Cleaned up pretty good. One ugly mark on top that I will drop fill, besides that she's good to go. Very happy to finally find one...
  5. bungle

    Ngd arrg 1 of 3

    Buyers market and all that. Acquired a bit of gear the last 2 weeks. This ones a hidden gem. Ya needs intonated.
  6. bungle

    Well that was easy!

    So I'm on the road for work. Fun fun. Went to plug in my old Vantage into my trusty HT-1R. Nothing:dunno:turns out the wire detached from the jack. :run:Was bummed for a minute then remembered my little torch in the tool box of my vehicle. Heated the knife on my cork screw, and pressed it...
  7. bungle

    I'm so weak.. ngd

    Could not resist.:dunno: Crazy deal on a 2011 tribute. My first studioish guitar. Great guitar with no qc issues. Neck feels a little rough without grain filler but I'm digging this axe for sure! Here's some pics because you know..
  8. bungle

    Kenny Shields R.I.P.

    Just heard about this. Singer of Streetheart passed. Damn..
  9. bungle

    Serious gas..

    Sorry if someone already posted this, but had to share. This retired doctor acquired 300 guitars in two years. May 7th their all up for auction. Bi-polar mixed with GAS!
  10. bungle

    Mystery tube combo made in Canada?

    Can any one enlighten me on this funky old amp I acquired? Make, wattage ect. Thrift store special $75 Cnd. Tremolo with foot switch. 2x12". This thing sounds awesome. Killer vintage tones and pretty punchy when cranked. Model blank...
  11. bungle

    58 Special

    First vintage.:applause: WOW! there is definitely something magical in that old wood. Chillin' in her new nest. Original case will be retiredSorry for the $%^ phone pics, also came with the amp on the left:naughty:
  12. bungle

    Ri 1.0 ng&ad

    First thread hmm.. anyway had a couple crazy weeks aquisition wise. Kinda partial to natural woodgrains but lately been gassing for a little flame action. Tried a bunch of modern re-issues but none really did it for me. I stumbled upon this unit on CL:thumb: Super nice guy held it for me till I...
  13. bungle


    Just got me a 61 re-ish.. awesome woodgrain :naughty:

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