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  1. Epi 57 classic

    Gibson "superhumbucker", Series VII, or Tarbacks??

    Hi Guys, Some help asked. Maybe you could help me out. I recently acquired a '79 ES 335 Artist(see picture). It has moog electronics in it and the pups are active. It is not bad, but I am wondering..... I have been reading on the forum and they are been called quite some names Tarbacks, Series...
  2. Epi 57 classic

    Look what the cat dragged in

    No Les Paul this time. But a 1979 Norlin ES-335 Artist. Plays and sounds great:naughty: Was a little scared about the active side of this one. But at the first run it was love at first site:thumb:
  3. Epi 57 classic

    Upgraded my Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Satin

    Upgraded my Trad with a set of a Trad pro. The Burstbucker III has a little more dirt than the 57+. Not that the 57+ was bad :naughty: Split the 57 and had a out and in phase switch on the Bridge volume pot. Never had much in discussions regarding 300K vs 500K pots but the push pulls are 500K...
  4. Epi 57 classic

    Les Paul Custom Natural 1980 updated

    Hi Guys, Just got my Custom back. Done some small aesthetic upgrades. Here are some pictures before and after. Happy with it :) BEFORE AFTER
  5. Epi 57 classic

    Played a '59 reissue last night

    Yesterday I was at a jam session. There was a young kid. He had just started playing guitar and he had a '59 RI. I Asked him if I could play his guitar. To my surprise he said yes:naughty: It sounded and played nice but I don't know what all the fuzz is about with people raving about '59 RI...
  6. Epi 57 classic

    New Les Paul Custom Day (pics)

    When I bought my Traditional Satin I thought things couldn't be better:) But they can:naughty: This thing is amazing:applause: I love those T tops:cool: Happy Camper here.. 1980 LPC
  7. Epi 57 classic

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Traditional mahogany satin vintage sunburst

    Happy Camper here:naughty: My second Gibson Les Paul. People tend to rave about the early '90 studio that they are good..and they are:applause: But this baby blows my '94 Studio out of the water. It came with 010 and and for my taste a higher action than I am used to..I was ready tot set it up...
  8. Epi 57 classic

    Bought some new pedals..Wow..

    So what do you think?:naughty::thumb:
  9. Epi 57 classic

    Just started a new Blues band, I am so happy right now

    I already play in a Classic Rock band and I have just started a new Blues band:thumb: O man, we are going to do some damage on stage. The most fun part is the mix of ages. The jongest member is 16 and the oldest 56. Yep and I am in between with 41.( I am the guy with the semi hollow:thumb:)...
  10. Epi 57 classic

    Requested cavity shots of Epiphone BB King Lucille

    Hi Guys, Can somebody post some cavity shots from a Epi BB King Lucille. I have been looking all over the web but I haven't found one. So If somebody who has one could post a few..Thanks:thumb: Maybe Peter has some:fingersx: I have 3 Lp's now witch is a little to much for me as I only...
  11. Epi 57 classic

    Very Special New Guitar Day. My first Gibson(Pics heavy)

    I know it is the Epi section but I never come to the Gibson section. I like it here:). I am so happy today:naughty: My first Gibson!!! It is a 1994 Studio Wine Red with an Ebony Fretboard, 100% original:applause:. The action is super low and the feel of the guitar is awesome:wow: The notes...
  12. Epi 57 classic

    Can you spare a dime???

    At least it is free shipping:naughty::naughty: Enjoy:fingersx:. Post some pics if you bought it:hmm: 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Jay Geils of J.Geils Band ) | eBay
  13. Epi 57 classic

    Blowing out a 100 Watt Marshall tube amp with a Epi LP Custom

    Last Saturday we had a jam session:thumb:. I was the last together with the poor guy behind the bar and the two guitar players whom I play with in two different bands. As you can see in the film they are younger than me and the youngest just had to blow out my Marshall 6101 100Watt:cool...
  14. Epi 57 classic

    Very lucky new pick up day(pics)

    I am a happy camper today:naughty:. My Les Paul Custom has a Jimmy page wiring. I have a Zebra Gibson Burstbucker III 4 wire in the bridge that I bought from somebody who took it out of his Gibson traditional Pro. Hard to find I would say. I put in a Gibson HB-R in the neck. Not bad but all...
  15. Epi 57 classic

    NGD!!! Sold My SG-400 and got a LP Custom(pics)

    I modified my Epi SG to death but after all this it just didn't do it for me. Bought a LP custom on the cheap and changed the Jimmy Page wiring and Gibson buckers to my new custom. Boy o Boy:naughty: Should have done that in the first place. No way a SG is cutting it compared to a Les Paul. The...
  16. Epi 57 classic

    No Ebony fretboard on Epiphone LP Custom Pro!!!

    HI Guys, Just saw this on the Epiphone website. So to put an end to the discussion if the new LP Custom Pro has a ebony fretboard. According to Epiphone they don't:mad: Epiphone - The Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Fingerboard Material: Rosewood with mother-of-pearl BLOCK inlays Neck...
  17. Epi 57 classic

    New amp day!!! Perfect match for my Les Paul!!!

    Hi Guys, I know it is a Les Paul forum, but I am exited about my new amp and I am just sharing. It's a Marshall 30th anniversary 6101 and it is a perfect amp. A touch of Fender clean and of course Marshall Loud. My Marshall JCM 900 4502 that I had before that and sold was not bad, but you had...
  18. Epi 57 classic

    Gibson is getting pretty close to Epiphone!!

    was doing some web searching today and I found out that a GC here are selling Gibsons for 1079,= EUR and I am not talking studio models. It is the Gibson Midtown Custom:shock:. Looking pretty good. If you buy a Epiphone John Lennon Casino Vintage Sunburst it will set you back 750,= EUR that is...
  19. Epi 57 classic

    New Epiphone LP Customs Ebony or Rosewood??

    Hi Guys, Maybe this has already been answered. But any way, I am thinking of buying a extra LP to the collection. Sins I already have a standard I thought a custom would be a nice one to ad. I haven't been to the store yet. But is it already known if the fretboard of the new customs are ebony...
  20. Epi 57 classic

    NPD makes a NGD!!!

    Hi Guys, Just sharing. I just had a new PU installed in my Epi G-400 with JP wiring. In the bridge of my Epi G400 I had a Gibson 500T. I placed it there after I bought a set of vintage Gibson HB-L and HB-R. The HB-L did'nt work properly and because of the high output it supposed to have I...

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