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    Am I Missing Something?
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    A Nice Example

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    SG Neck Profile?

    I own a ’61 reissue SG from about 20 years ago, and a Bonamassa Firebird. I usually switch off - play one for a few weeks, then the other. The SG feels fantastic, but whenever I go back to the FB, I find it hard to play and don’t get around on it as quickly. (Not to mention some hand pain.)...
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    Telly Caster

    I’m lookin’ to buy me one of them there telly-casters. Does anyone know where I can get one of them there telly-casters? (I want an American Original telly-caster - has to be one of those.) In case you haven’t guessed, this is me:
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    Which SG Model?

    Many years ago, a friend had a walnut SG which had plastic pickups with the word Gibson on them (written in script), and a slide switch to select each one. Which model was this?
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    Does anyone know when Gibson will begin shipping guitars again? I was told it was to be in May.
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    Dangerous Ground?

    I have a Roland Cube amp, and notice whenever I am near my laptop, there is a buzzing coming from the amp. If I touch the laptop, the buzz gets louder. Just to see what would happen, I unplugged the Mac and ran it on battery - it's still humming. Another amp - a Fender Champ - also has the same...
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    57 Champ Reissue Questions

    After reading many reviews on this amp, I decided to buy one when I saw one for sale. First impressions - it's a lot louder than I thought! I'm using a Firebird, and if I run the amp at full volume, I have to keep the guitar at 1! Also, the tone is a lot darker than I thought it would be (and...
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    Accurate Pics - To Much To Ask?

    I’ve had several dealings with sellers who don’t know how to take a proper pic of the guitar they’re selling. It amazes me what little effort they put into a listing in terms of picture quality. I think the guitar should be photographed in normal room light, and ideally, a grey card should be...
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    David & His SG

    Wonder where this guitar is now?
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    Best Place To Buy An SG Junior?

    I'm looking to buy an SG Junior and was wondering where to get the best service regarding set-up before shipping. (Not interested in Sweetwater after reading bad reports of their supposed '55 point inspection.') I contacted ZZounds, but they told me it was luck of the draw in what they would...
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    Loose Volume/Tone Control Inserts?

    It seems the volume and tone inserts have popped out of my Firebird knobs. What would be the best adhesive to use to reattach them? (Don't want to go the crazy glue route.)
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    Bonamassa Firebird Strings?

    I've just gotten around to changing the strings on this guitar, and replaced them with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys. I'm getting a lot of buzz on the lower strings, though I see the gauges are the same as what's shipped from the factory (.010-.046.) Does anyone know just what brand is used when...

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