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  1. rlh5599

    NGD Epiphone "Inspired by Gibson" Firebird

    so, It's a NGD for Old Ralph!! A BRAND NEW guitar day. I have wanted a reverse Firebird since the 60's, never was able to afford one. Along comes "Inspired by Gibson" Lemme tell you, Epiphone has hit this one right outta the park... Fit and finish are great, NO fret sprout or sharp edges. If I...
  2. rlh5599

    NGD 2011 Honeyburst Les Paul Plain Top

    Nuttin' new for me in a couple years, but I picked this Honey Burst plaintop up last week. Been looking for an affordable plain top for awhile. (years). now for some knobs, a Gotoh bridge, and some fretboard treatment.
  3. rlh5599

    Rocky Athas and his new Epi LP

    Fun interview with Rocky, and a video of him and his new LP on stage with John Mayall.. Rocky Athas: The Epiphone Video Interview
  4. rlh5599

    Epiphone ES 339 PRO NGD!!

    Wow, these are nice guitars. Just picked this up in a trade. Cherry 2013 339 Pro. Great fit and finish, New pickups are AWESOME. Coil split feature seems like it's gonna be handy. Epiphone has really stepped up their game recently, especially in the Pro line. I can't wait to put some miles...
  5. rlh5599

    NGD TV Yellow LP Special

    Picked up on ebay for a song. Nice glossy finish, can see some of the wood grain through it. Couple little dings on the back from previous owner. Fret work and fit and finish are great, just what we can expect now from Quindao. Has wood binding on neck, similar to the G-400's. The pickups...
  6. rlh5599

    Pending NGD TV Yellow LP Special

    Yesterday, in another thread, I said I wouldn't buy a guitar without playing it....Whoops....It's been pretty slow around these parts for good used guitars, and I really don't NEED anymore guitars, but I've been jonesin' for a P-90 guitar. My first real guitar was an SG Les Paul Jr, always...
  7. rlh5599

    NGD 96 MIK Riviera

    Just picked this up from the local shop. Couldn't find this color in the wiki. Kinda of a Metal Flake Black, VERY light MF in the paint, shows a little in the pics. Needs some rewiring, probably get some new pups, but it's good and solid, everything straight. Since my name is NOT Michael...
  8. rlh5599

    NGD Part 3 and 4 Acoustic Content

    about 6 mo ago I picked up the AJ220S Vintage Burst on the right, GREAT guitar for the price, solid top, nice satin 25.5" neck, fit and finish are great. and this past week, I got the EL-00 Pro on the left off ebay. The Pro has the Fishman pick-up and soundhole controls, so there's no giant...
  9. rlh5599

    NGD #2 Ebony Studio Deluxe

    Picked this up a couple weeks ago, it was so cheap I had to buy it...It's a thin body Made in Korea 1998, and has some bumps and bruises, but it's nice and light and fun to play...Still needs a good clean up, but everything works.....
  10. rlh5599

    NGD #1 Traditional Pro

    I was out making my weekly trip to all the stores and pawn shops, and found this. I have never liked "Colors" much on LP's, always been more of a Gold or Burst kinda guy, but it was cheap, and I picked it up and the sky's parted and a voice from above said "Take it Home!!!!!" It doesn't look...
  11. rlh5599

    Elitist Pick-ups

    I recently acquired a pair of Pickups from an Elitist Les Paul, (50SR and 60ST). I don't have 'em yet, what should I expect 'tone-wise' from them? I am replacing the 57's in my Epi LP. I know what PAF's sound like, and what burstbucker and stock epi pickups sound like. Kind of an impulse...
  12. rlh5599

    NGD Les Paul Burst

    Awhile back I picked up a silver top after being without a guitar for 30 some years....I never felt the love, found it a new home over the weekend, and just picked this up of C-list. Needs a bridge pick up ring, switch knob, a g-string tuner, (although the one on it still works), new strings...
  13. rlh5599

    Truss Rod Problem

    So I guess I put this in the wrong place, so I'll try it here.... I recently picked up a 1996 Epi LP. It had a little back bow in the neck, VERY little. When I went to restring it, I tried to adjust the truss rod, which was tight, and when I backed it off, to get that wee bit of relief to...
  14. rlh5599

    Epiphone LP Truss Rod problem

    I recently picked up a 1996 Epi LP. It had a little back bow in the neck, VERY little. When I went to restring it, I tried to adjust the truss rod, which was tight, and when I backed it off, to get that wee bit of relief to the neck, the nut backed of, to the point of being loose, but no...
  15. rlh5599

    Question from a newbie (re: finishes)

    I have an Epi LP standard that I'm considering refinishing. Has anyone found a chemical paint/ varnish remover that WILL NOT attack the binding on the body and fretboard?? Any thoughts would be appreciated.. Ralph
  16. rlh5599

    NGD Les Paul Standard Silver Top

    New to the forum, and a New Guitar in the same week!! I've been guitar-less for almost 30 years, found this on craigslist for a great price with a G&G HSC, (didn't even know what that was...) even has the original warrantee tag!! Didn't even know there was a silver top..... if I read the ser#...
  17. rlh5599

    Newbie from Sacramento CA

    Hi Folks, Great Bulletin Board!! Just found this board, and as a new owner of an old Epiphone Les Paul, I thought I'd say Hi!! I'm in my mid 50's, and in my younger days played guitar alot. I worked as a guitar tech and a salesman in the early to mid 70's at a local music store. But things...

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