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  1. Hecubus

    What would you do? 3 Lps 4 sets of HBs

    Looking for opinions. I have 3 Les Paul type guitars, 2 Traditionals and a Studio with an ebony board. Through a series of deals and trades, I have 4 sets of Humbuckers ready to drop in: OX4 low wind A4s/ OX4 Hot Duane A5/ Duncan Slash A2/ Duncan Distortion Ceramic. Current pickups are Duncan...
  2. Hecubus

    Some funny Reverb Ads

    Ran across these and thought they were funny.
  3. Hecubus

    LP Jr Body Thickness

    This is my first scratch build. I am building a LP Jr and my body blank is 1.83". My plans say the body should be 1.75". My question is how and when should I lose the .08"/2mm? Option 1: Find a friend with a thickness planer and run it through to 1.75" before I start any cutting. Option 2...
  4. Hecubus

    Import costs on OX4s to the U.S.?

    For those of you who have ordered OX4s directly from their site and had them shipped to the U.S., what, if any, import fees, duties, or taxes did you have to pay? I am trying to figure out the true cost of getting them directly from OX4 as opposed to going through a dealer. Thanks!
  5. Hecubus

    Amplitube Group Buy- Get 4 for the price of 1!

    Hey all, IK Multimedia has a group buy going on until Sunday. If you buy one Amplitube title, (Fender, Hendrix, Metal, Orange, Slash, SVX, A3) you can pick 3 more. The more people buy, the more titles you get for free. If 14 more people buy, you can get 4 titles FREE!
  6. Hecubus

    WTB: Les Paul Classic Coppertop

    Looking for a Les Paul 1960s Classic in Coppertop (Copper Metallic) Thanks!

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