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  1. Gryphon

    Unbelievably Cheap 2017 Standard in Seattle CL Unless it has a headstock repair / other damage not disclosed / stolen, I wonder why this is being sold for about half its value..... $850. Hell of a deal if you are near Seattle and need a LP Std.
  2. Gryphon

    Craigslist Horror for $1500

    If the description isn't enough to make you run a mile, the photos seal the deal. The seller gets extra points for not washing his hands before including them in the main photo. :wtf: Listing
  3. Gryphon

    As New 1997 Les Paul Classic Plus on Seattle CL

    I noticed this on Craigslist. Looks brand new.
  4. Gryphon

    Embarrassing Pickup Wiring Error

    I have an 80's Yamaha SG which is very Les Paul-like but also has push push tone pots to independently tap each humbucker. About 15 years ago one of the push push switches broke, so I figured I'd have to live with switching both on one pot and moved the respective wires from the (broken) bridge...
  5. Gryphon

    NAD - Orange OR15 with PPC112 Cabinet

    This is my first Orange amp and I'm very impressed. I've previously owned a JCM900 Hi Gain, Blues Junior, and Egnater Tweaker. The design of the preamp is remarkable - it goes from Marshall/Vox -ish cleans all the way up to more distortion than I will ever use, and you can get any of those tones...
  6. Gryphon

    NGD - Jeff Beck Strat

    It's been years since I sold my last strat, thinking I could live with just a LP Std and a Yam SG, but I was wrong. Yesterday I scored a Jeff Beck strat off craigslist, and after a few hours taking it apart, cleaning it, and doing full setup for me - its MAGIC. My previous strats never had the...
  7. Gryphon

    Have 490R/498T - What Next?

    I bought my LP Std in 91, and some years ago did some magnet swapping on the pickups to solve the muffled neck and brash bridge tone the guitar always had. I ended up - taking advice on here - with an A5 in the 490R neck, and a UOA5 in the 498T bridge. I flipped one mag to get the PG effect in...
  8. Gryphon

    Marshall JCM 900 Hi Gain Mk III 50 Watt Combo Model 2502 (1991)

    For local sale in Los Angeles area only: Marshall JCM 900 Hi Gain Mk III 50 Watt Combo Model 2502 (1991) $700 cash
  9. Gryphon

    Les Paul into Blues Junior - Settings?

    I have a NOS Tweed Blues Junior which sounded great with my strat but very 'boxey' with my LP Std. So I did the 'essential' Billm mods (cooler bias, power supply stiffening, tonestack & twinstack) and now it sounds even better with my strat but still short of sweet with my LP. There must be...

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