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  1. dave27

    Finishing experts, What should I use to lightly dull finish?

    I have a 2010 Vos R8 that I want to dull the finish down a little to look more like a well aged burst that has been taken care of. Nothing crazy just a little off the shine. I plane on doing a light relic to the plastic and metal parts also. I don't know what works best with this type of...
  2. dave27

    My New R8 has to tight of pots, can I loosen them up?

    My volume and tone controls are a little stiff on my new R8. When playing you really need to grab the knobs with 2 fingers to turn unlike my other guitars where you can just roll a finger on them to get them to move. Is there anyway to get them to loosen up other than just turning the heck...
  3. dave27

    Set up question on Pup height.

    I just got a R8 2010 and I looked at the pup height and the distance when the string is fretted on the last fret from string to pickup pole is about 3/16th's, maybe more. Isn't this supposed to be about 1/16th according to BOBurst? Seems funny that it would come from gibson and be this far...
  4. dave27

    Surface Aging, Can you cold check a 2010 R8? UV Fade?

    I know gibson keeps messing with the surface so I'm wondering if you can cold check the 2010's What about UV fading? Also any idea how you would do this type of surface wear ?
  5. dave27

    Whats going on with this Metal Relicing Job

    This pup is on a Voss Pearly Gates, not Tom Murphy. Any ideas how to make those spots? I know about acid etching and such but those are unique. I have never seen mine look like that.
  6. dave27

    R8 Sunrise Teaburst, what do u think.

    Considering this Vos, what do you think as far as looks for an R8? Web pic colors are a little over saturated. Be Brutally honest :cool: $2800
  7. dave27

    Whats going on with Peter Green?

    Can't find much on what he is up to now, anyone know? The Peter Green Splinter Group was a band led by the blues guitarist and singer, Peter Green. Green was the leader of Fleetwood Mac until he suffered a mental breakdown during the 1970s. He was rehabilitated with the aid of Nigel...
  8. dave27

    Is Gibson the worst run company ever?

    I sent an email to Gibson asking how I should go about ordering a R8 in Amber Orange and there response was this. Thanks for writing. This is not a standard production model and would have to be special ordered. Our Custom Shop does accept special orders. If you are located in the US, please...
  9. dave27

    Some major tones out of a Pearly

    Nice. YouTube - Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 59er Billy Gibbons Signature Part1 YouTube - Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 59er Billy Gibbons Signature Part3
  10. dave27

    What does gibson call this color?

    What does gibson call this color? Trying to find a R8 like this but i only find clown bursts. Do they do custom colors? Does it bump the price? Thanks for any help.

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