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  1. msfenderarg

    "Bad Guy" China invests $300 billion in renewables, plan to deal with climate change

    Spending surge for renewables|Economy|
  2. msfenderarg

    R.I.P. James Gandolfini

    R.I.P. James Gandolfini - :sadwave:
  3. msfenderarg

    Former Formula One Driver, Le Mans Winner Jose Froilan Gonzalez Dies

    Former Formula One driver Jose Froilan Gonzalez, aka the "Pampas Bull," died today at the age of 90, according to Reuters. Froilan was best known for bringing home Ferrari's first-ever Grand Prix win in 1951 at Silverstone and winning at Le Mans in 1954.
  4. msfenderarg

    Don't text and drive...uhm...OK...(•_•) ( •_•)>- (_) ETA:Ugh...The thing won't embed...:mad2:
  5. msfenderarg

    Happy Birthday Merle Haggard!

    Merle Ronald Haggard turns 75 today! Merle Haggard - Mama Tried - YouTube :applause: :cheers: :applause:
  6. msfenderarg

    '50s ('60s?) tribute wear...Ever seen one like this?

    I was waiting on my gf the other day, and in the meantime I decided to check this small guitar shop nearby... Hanging on the wall was this new GT tribute (I'm guessing '50s) with lots of simulated arm wear... I've never seen one with this amount of wear...I was told by one if the guys that...
  7. msfenderarg

    Happy Birthday Keef!

    Keith Richards turns 68 today, Happy Birthday!!!:applause: Rolling Stones- Happy - YouTube
  8. msfenderarg

    NKD!!!New Kitteh Day!!! :)

    I apologize for the crappy Blackberry photos, I resized and cropped them a bit... First, a little of how we got here... M'kay, here we go... The Kitteh-mama... Day old kittehs... A wee nap... Another wee nap... And yet another... Meet Nala! My GF's sister picked her name. I...
  9. msfenderarg

    Big Lebowski ppreciation thread

    A MLP celebration of all things Lebowski... I'm so getting one of these as an amp mascot!
  10. msfenderarg

    New MIC Fender Modern Player Series

    Fender is releasing a new series of MIC, Fender branded guitars and basses...:hmm: Modern Player Series
  11. msfenderarg

    Happy birthday bb king!

    Riley B. King turns 86 today... B B King live in Africa 1974 - YouTube
  12. msfenderarg

    Bonamassa's '68 GT on Ebay

    No Reserve... Joe Bonamassa's '68 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop NR | eBay
  13. msfenderarg

    Ngd...firebird x!!!

    GOTCHA!!! Sorry, I couldn't help it...
  14. msfenderarg

    Are chambered reissues considered "Historics"?

    The question arose in another forum, and got me thinking...
  15. msfenderarg

    Happy birthday Keef!
  16. msfenderarg

    Banned from

    Hey, I don't know if I will get a good ole head slap for posting on this section, but I need to Know... Has anybody ever been banned from the Gibson site?:hmm: Yep, I've been a little...errr..intolerant regarding the whole Jonas Brothers Mockery Maker...:naughty:

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