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    FS: Gibson 490/498 pups

    As the title says a chrome set of 490r / 498t pups. $150. shipped in con US Bob
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    WTB: Set of ProBucker 1&2 pickups

    Like the title says. I wtb ProBucker 1&2 pickups. Bob
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    2019-2020 pick ups

    Are the pickups in the 2019 50s standard the same as the pups in the 2020 version? I am reading in the 19 are Pro B 2&3 In the 20 are Pro B 1&2 What’s the deal? Bob
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    Snap, it broke

    While trying to install the little spring clip that holds the intonation screws in it went snap. :-( Where can I get one? Bob
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    I did it again NGD Better pic

    2013 Standard Pro After a fret polish, fretboard cleaning, set up and general once over its pretty minty. I have a set of 490/498s that may just wind up in there. Bob The pic does not show just how much of a flamed top there is. Believe me, there is.
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    Indecision is a bitch

    I am torn. I bought a 50s LP last week with the Probuckers in it. Not bad, but I have a set of Gibson 490 and 498 pickups sitting around doing nothing. part of me wants to be good with the Probuckers and the other part wants to just do the swap and be done with it. Talk about wishy, washy Bob
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    New Member, same old question

    I just picked up this unplayed Les Paul and am looking for info on it. I am not getting much from the internet on it. It is a 1960 Tribute Plus with the Serial number being F 324xxx. Can't post the pics I have, so it has some kind of blue denim color with a flamed top. Kind of greenish if you...

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