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    2004 R4 - evidence of BRW but out of range

    Gents, I have a wonderful 2004 R4. It's a cracking guitar - tone for days and a nice big neck. My question relates to the fretboard. I know a fair few R4s were produced in 2003 with BRW, but officially none in 2004. However, the fretboard is very clearly BRW. This is clear from the colour...
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    2005 CS Pete Townsend #1 - value?

    Gents, Apologies for being such a lurker! I just wanted to gather some thoughts in advance of a sale (I didnt' want to over- or under- price!). I have a 2005 Gibson Les Paul, Custom Shop Pete Townsend "#1" edition (Ltd Ed of 75) which I'm thinking of parting with. It's the wine red one. More...

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