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    FS: Gibson 490/498 pups

    They are chrome and will go as a set. Bob
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    FS: Gibson 490/498 pups

    As the title says a chrome set of 490r / 498t pups. $150. shipped in con US Bob
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    A question about 11 digit serial numbers

    They don't start from zero every month. Bob
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    All who buy a guitar just for a nice neck, pick ups and electronics (not name brand) please post.

    I did just that on Friday. Just so happens to be a Fender. Bob
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    2019-2020 pick ups

    Got em. Thanks a bunch. Bob
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    2019-2020 pick ups

    Yup, they will be going in
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    2019-2020 pick ups

    I am just trying to avoid pulling the pups in mine. Bob
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    2019-2020 pick ups

    No one knows if they shipped with the same pickups??? Bob
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    2019-2020 pick ups

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    WTB: Set of ProBucker 1&2 pickups

    Found some
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    2019-2020 pick ups

    Price? Bob
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    2019-2020 pick ups

    I am wanting a set of 1 & 2 s Bob
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    WTB: Set of ProBucker 1&2 pickups

    Or a single #1 Bob
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    WTB: Set of ProBucker 1&2 pickups

    Like the title says. I wtb ProBucker 1&2 pickups. Bob
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    2019-2020 pick ups

    Are the pickups in the 2019 50s standard the same as the pups in the 2020 version? I am reading in the 19 are Pro B 2&3 In the 20 are Pro B 1&2 What’s the deal? Bob
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    Epiphone Stock Strings?

    Look up the specs for your guitar. That still won’t tell you what strings you have on your guitar now. Only measuring will. Bob
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    Epilight cases: Anyone own one?

    I would like to see one before I would throw stones at it. 90 bucks for a nice semi hard case doesn't sound bad at all. Bob
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    2020 Standard 60s vs 2020 59 Standard

    I prefer the 50's over the 60's. I was going to swap out the pups in my 50's with some Gibson's but I really like the Probucker 1&2 combination. I do have both. The Gibsons may just wind up in the 60's guitar. Bob
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    Real Gibson Flying V?

    So where is it? Bob
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    Can the 60's Standard get some love too ?

    Where are you located? It may happen.

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