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    Refinishing in Amsterdam

    Probably the wrong forum to ask, but who knows... There may be someone from the Netherlands who has an answer! I am looking for a finishing guy in Amsterdam to do a little work on a Gibson Les Paul. The guy I had suddenly bailed on me, leaving me extremely disappointed and pissed off as my...
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    Educate/Advice me on subtle overdrive.

    Let's tell a story first... One of the things I do is support a singer songwriter who plays on an acoustic guitar and sings. This is normally done in small settings (living room kinda things), and thus not necessary to make a lot of noise. For this end I had gotten myself a Fender Mustang...
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    NGD... Epi Firebird V

    A long, long time ago I made the decision to outit all my stage guitars with EMGs to get rid of the different output levels. So unfortunately my Les Paul deLuxe had to suffer. Now I have got a new min-humbucker guitar! This one will be used in the studio, so there will be a minimum of...
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    Email notifications?

    Is something up with it? I haven't seen notifications for at least two days.
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    LP Pickup Rescue...

    Posted before but just so you know which guitar A long time ago this guitar was outfitted with EMG humbuckers, and my customizer at the time was too drunk/high/whatever when he performed this atrocity. For a time it didn't bother me as the sound was still okay, but lately it has been bugging...
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    My new roommate

    Been half a year when my luthier started the work, but I finally could retrieve it from him. As with all my live-guitars it is equipped with EMGs. This time a TX set, and a chrome pickguard. Now he's working on Joanie (the Jett Melody Maker) to replace the humbucker with a P85 by EMG, and put...
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    Melody Maker question(s)

    Joan Jett, Pat Travers, loads of others... They all beat their Melody Makers to death. I ran across a bunch of them a few weeks back and they were all equipped with single coils. But somehow I associate a MM with a P-90. am I a moron? Or has a P-90 equipped Melody Maker been released as well...
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    My new friend

    As may be known all my live guitars sport EMG pickups, which in itself isn't a bad thing, but it does it make it quite difficult to record them PAF-like tones in a studio. So I decided to get a new LP Standard. And for a change this one isn't going to get modded at all! *Whoa!*
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    Meet Kandi/Barbie/Tinkerbell/whatever

    In May last year I got a bunch of guitars to mess around with. One was a pink Bullet that I wanted to transform into a wolf in sheep's clothing. I thought it would be funny to have an extreme metal guitar that looked like it was owned by a 8 yo girl. So... the before state: How to...
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    Advice on a Michael Schenker Flying V

    A few days ago I bought an Epiphone Flying V in the Michael Schenker black/white motif. Unfortunately the pickguard and trussrodcover as both just white, not the "required reverse black and white" that his V sports. Are these pickguards/TR-covers to be found on the net? The usual suppliers I...
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    Have some cake!

    Jet City Cakes Cake Gallery
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    Strings for whammies

    On my new Strat build I have a Kahler whammy bar. Works like a charm, but there is one extremely annoying thing: I end up breaking the high E string every two weeks. So I am looking to change the strings on that guitar to something more sturdy. On all my guitars I use d'Addario EXL-110, and I...
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    New Strat

    A Strat I am having built for me: The body was originally Khaya Mahogany, but that has changed to another mahogany. Ebony fingerboard, that will contain LEDs. Black hardware coming from another guitar that is being laid to rest (2 EMG SLVs, EMG 89, Kahler 2320 Tremolo unit, Schaller...
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    Bottleneck or Slide?

    Which one do you use?
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    Rigs at bedroom levels...

    Inspired by the "JCM-800 at bedroom levels"-thread and because I am updating my amps at the moment. I just got an order out of the door for a Randall RM4 Pre amp, and need to use that at home without creating world war 3 with the neighbors and on stage. I was thinking of getting a Randall RT2/50...
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    What is 3 in1 household oil?

    Welcome to Kahler USA 2007 I am in the process of resurrecting an Aria Pro metal Strat, that hasn't seen action in over 15 years. One of the saddles on the Kahler tremolo was broken so that is ordered and underway to Europe. But the roller the string was on is completely locked down through...
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    Cleaning/conditioning Strats

    The Strat's neck is lacquered, so the use of stuff like Fret Doctor would be a bit difficult, likewise my body is unfinished (just the plain wood). How would you go about cleaning and conditioning a guitar like that? The guitar in question:
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    Two colored neck...

    This is a neck from a 1977 Les Paul deLuxe. If you take a look at the right side of the neck you will see that it is slightly paler brown than the left side. Is this caused by dehydration? Or sunlight? Could it be just the way the wood is? Anything? Thanks.

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