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    Loving my ML, and my Murphy Painted

    I truly feel grateful every time I pick up one of these instruments. These recent Historics are every bit as good as my tonally stellar replicas and my vintage Gibsons The wood is particularly resonant and the Custombuckers are finally on the level of the very best boutique PAFs. In fact...
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    I think I need a bigger couch

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    Who is going to play their Murphy Lab until the finish falls off?

    Title should be rockabilly song I think. Anyway I’ve been enjoying my one ML, finish be damned. I always feel blessed to play these beautiful Les Pauls. I hope other folks are enjoying their MLs as well Here is the ML Here is the ML to the left of my Murphy painted WW R9
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    NGD Murphy Lab R9. You must be kidding

    Getting caught up in the Murphy hype I decided to check out some MLs and frankly with the exception of a Gold Top, I had been more or less appalled by the finish checking. The Murphy Lab I bought has some of the more convincing checking in pictures but it’s still a far cry from real checking...
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    A few Les Pauls and a few Marshalls

    Better than milk n cookies!
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    Murphy Lab R9 incoming (Nice checking) and check out the tone

    I’m too much of a Les Paul fan not to grab one of these MLs. That said, I had to find one with the right top and checking that looked somewhat realistic without that broken glass spiderweb thing. However, it is when I heard that clear bell like clarity (which is something I love about...
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    Physical Graffiti or Exile on Main Street

    I’ve tried to get into Exile but still find it one of the most overrated records of all time. it seems at it‘s core a mediocre record of bloated highly derivative, unimaginative songs. It lacked the taught, muscular excellence of Sticky Fingers and tried to make up for it with this raw...
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    For those with multiple Les Paul Reissues, Do you have a #1?

    I don’t know if I would have a #1 per say, I find each Reissue Les Paul has its own personality or sonic characteristics. They each also have a slightly different feel. Some can be aggressive with a bit more Pagey bite while others lend themselves to that rounded vocal Duane thing. So...
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    If offered, what Limited Edition Jimmy Page RAH Would you choose VOS, Aged, or Aged and signed

    Based on previous Gibson pricing I would probably try to spring for a Murphy aged. Anyone else hope Gibson releases one final Jimmy Page custom shop signature Les Paul
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    Real “weather” checking

    This is what real weather checking looks like. None of that shattered glass nonsense here.
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    NGD. Murphy Wildwood Limited Edition

    I was going to pull the trigger on a beautiful Murphy Lab but the broken glass checking left me cold. So here’s my shiny for now Murphy Wildwood Spec R9. I wanted a bold flame top and I think this delivers. It even stands out among my other pretty flamey tops Once again the folks at...
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    Is there any meaningful difference between late PAFs and early purple wire Pat#s

    Feom what I understand earlier PAFs were mostly long magnet. Short magnet PAFs began appearing around 1960 and purple wire Pat#s, also with short magnets, came out in late 62. Other than the PAF sticker, was there any meaningful difference between the late PAFs and early PAT#s. from...
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    Rewind Pickups recreates the PAF once again!

    I was so impressed with a set of Rewind pickups that propelled one of my great brazilian R9s well into the best of Burst territory, I asked James of Rewind to build me something for another one of my R9s. The best Rewinds just have a PAF rightness to them that you’re like “that’s it, that’s...
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    1962 Les Paul SG. Completely original including the frets and it is so clean, it’s in better condition than a couple of my historics. I almost feel bad playing it. It looks like a new guitar.
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    Why do this to a beautiful Gibson Historic

    This is some of the most fake, amateurish, “relicing” I ever seen in my life. From a distance, in some of the pictures, it looks ok but once you see the closeups, the sheer awfulness of it comes into focus. First off, It looks nothing like any vintage Gibson I’ve played or owned. It‘s not...
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    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    Let me state that there is no right answer. It’s completely subjective. After shuffling through a whole heap load of historics over the years I’ve settled in on 5. Two 2018 Brazilian R9s, a 2015 TH R9, a 2016 CC TH R9 and a 60th anniversary R9. Clearly, I don‘t need another Les Paul, and...
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    Rewind and OX4

    I can‘t recommend these winders enough. Everything i look for in a PAF pickup can be found in the pickups from these winders. As good as custombuckers are, these pickups are better, a bit more harmonics, dynmaics, that hollow crunchy goodness, that light and shade. Hey Mark, if you’re...
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    Les Pauls and Marshalls, the voice of rock

    a group shot and some close-ups. Kt66s, EL34s, mustard caps, radio spares, drake, - silver alnicos, vintage greenbacks, creambacks, greybacks and blackbacks. - PAFs, curly maple, big leaf mahogany, Brazilian and East Indian rosewood. Doesn‘t get much better than that imho.
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    NGD “Greenyburst” from Wildwood. Check out the aging

    Ok, it’s actually a CC Rick Nielson, but once I get some reflectors and Grovers, it’s all Greeny. I have to say, Brian at Wildwood guitars totally took care of me. Best retail experience I can remember having. They really are a top shelf Guitar store with folks that know how to build...
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    What a difference a guitar makes regarding pickup selection: Rewind Post72 content

    I felt this deserved to be in the Histroic section as it’s reflective of the guitars, in this case two R9s as much as it is the pickups. I had a set of Rewind JP Post72s in my TH59 and could never get the neck to dial in correctly. It sounded a bit too full, lacked bite and most importantly...

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